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Upload FIRs on Websites within 24 hours, Supreme Court Orders

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September 07, 2016



New Delhi: Governments of all all States and Union Territories should upload the First Information Report ( FIR) on their websites within 24 hours of registration of criminal case at police stations in the country.
States in difficult terrains where internet connectivity is poor will get a time limit of of upto 72 hours for uploading of the FIRs.

However, this rule will not be applicable to sensitive cases involving insurgency and sexual offences against women and children.

The court made this fact clear while acting on PIL filed by Youth Lawyers Association of India. The PIL was based on an order by the Delhi HighCourt in which the city police was directed to upload the FIRs on its website within 24 hours of being registered.

The order will help an accused person to get a copy of the first information at the earliest so that he can seek legal advice without delay.