Violence Erupts in Moscow as Brazil and Serbia Fans Trade Punches

With both Brazil and Serbia needing a win to qualify for the knockout stages of the World Cup in Russia, the two teams played out a tense contest which ended in the South American nation’s favour. The five-time World Champions Brazil defeated Serbia 2-0 to finish the group in the top position and make it to the Round of 16. But the tense finish ignited sparks off the field as fans from both the countries got involved in a violent brawl in the middle of the match.
A group of Brazil and Serbia fans were seen trading punches in the stands during the match at Spartak Stadium in Moscow. A female Serbian fan, who tried to break out the brawl, was caught in the melee and was seen crying at the stands. With the level of violence rising, the stewards were called in to control the situation, as they separated the two groups of fans from each other. It remains unclear which side of fans started the brawl and what was the reason that sparked the violence.
It is the first incident of major violence during a match in this World Cup so far. Before the start of the tournament, there were fears of hooliganism in Russia, and strong warnings were issued by Kremlin officials regarding any signs of violence. Brazil will face Mexico in Round of 16 fixture on Sunday.


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