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VisionSpring Moves Manufacturing from China to India

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August 19, 2022

Global social enterprise VisionSpring has shifted its manufacturing from China to India with the launch of an all-new ‘Dare to Matter’ range of eyeglasses, the first collection they are manufacturing in India. Bringing their production in-country is a part of the ‘Bharat Ujjwal Drishti Abhiyan’ a.k.a. India Clear Vision Mission, their initiative to touch upon 60 crore lives and take the boon of clear vision through eyeglasses to low-income people in the remotest parts of the country.

Anshu Taneja, VisionSpring’s Managing Director, India, explained that bringing manufacturing closer to the people who are wearing their eyeglasses will speed up fulfillment and help them continue to evolve their offerings. Taneja said, “One of the bottlenecks for achieving the ‘India Clear Vision Mission’ is the limits of the supply chain and lack of availability of quality eyeglasses that cater to Indian needs. We are solving this structural problem. This will help us share the gift of clear vision to underserved communities in even the remotest corners of our country.”

VisionSpring further emphasized that vertical integration of their process has helped them ensure their product is as stylish, durable, and affordable as possible. Talking about the initiative, VisionSpring CEO Ella Gudwin said, “Every individual deserves the dignity of choice, irrespective of income level, especially for something like eyeglasses that are worn on our faces every day and become a part of our identity. Our ‘Dare to Matter’ range was designed with feedback from those who have been wearing our eyeglasses for more than 15 years – such as factory workers, students, drivers, artisans, and microentrepreneurs. Their feedback helped shape the molds that we are using to manufacture these unique frames.”

The ‘Dare to Matter’ collection was inaugurated by the Union Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Ramdas Athawale, to an audience of more than 250 eye hospital partners, NGOs, government officials, CSR and corporate partners from across all parts of the country.

Developed and produced by Indian manufacturers, the ‘Dare to Matter’ range follows a detailed quality process in sync with the Indian government’s call for ‘Make in India for the world’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Union Minister Athawale also expressed his excitement about the new range, “I am glad to support VisionSpring’s mission of providing eyeglasses for all. The work that VisionSpring does is noble – providing eyeglasses to those who need them the most and giving them better vision. Thank you for this opportunity to inaugurate VisionSpring’s first-ever ‘Made in India’ eyeglasses.”