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Visit GAF and Take Home Rare Medicinal Plants

In Health
December 04, 2023

An array of rare medicinal plants is awaiting those who visit the ongoing Global Ayurveda Festival at Kariyavattam Greenfield Stadium, which will conclude on Tuesday.

The GAF allows the public to familiarise themselves with these medicinal plants and buy them at affordable rates.

More than 50 species of medicinal plants are available at the stall of the Botany Department on the Kerala University’s Kariyavattam campus.

They include Nelly, Ashwagandha, Kurunthotti, Keesharnelli, Brahmi, Chitamrita, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Arya Veppu, Asparagus, Ginger, Castor, Tulsi, Karinochi, Atalotakam and Dashapushpa.

A modern herb garden and seed bank are functioning under the Department of Botany, University of Kerala.

Students grow and conserve rare medicinal plants as part of a project under the Department of Ayush with the financial support of the State Medicinal Plants Board.

An exhibition of over 100 rice seed varieties cultivated in the Kerala University seed centre is also part of the GAF Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar inaugurated Friday.

Besides the unique rice seeds of Kerala, the exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the seeds from states like Orissa, West Bengal, Karnataka and Manipur.

N-Sour Kudampulisath, an anti-obesity agent developed by KV Cravings, a startup led by the Department of Botany at the Kariyavattam campus, is also available here.

Liv-Ever, an anti-Hepatitis-C virus drug produced from Thazhutama with no side effects, patented this year, is also on display at the stall.

The exhibition of medicinal plants under threat of extinction in Kerala is a unique feature of this exhibition.

Each medicinal plant’s scientific name, qualities and usage are also displayed. Medicinal plants for sale include those that can be grown as bonsai.

Another feature of the fifth edition of the GAF is the Nagarjuna Ayurveda’s initiative to distribute medicinal plants to the new generation.

Detailed information on a wide range of medicinal plants is also displayed at the National Medicinal Plants Board’s stall.

The State Medicinal Plants Board’s stall promotes cultivation, conservation, marketing and research activities and creates awareness of medicinal plants.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Centre has also arranged a display and sale of medicinal plants at its stall and garden.