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Weekend Talk and Workshops on Biennale Artist Shilpa Gupta’s Work

In Kochi
February 02, 2019

The Kochi Biennale Foundation will host a two-day programme this weekend based on Shilpa Gupta’s work at the main Aspinwall House venue of the festival. The February 2-3 event features lectures and workshops based on the artist’s multi-channel sound installation that gives voice to 100 jailed poets from around the world.
Besides Mumbaikar Gupta, art historian Tina Marie Monelyon, poet-translator Gopika Jadeja and writer Salil Tripathi will take part in the programme.

On Saturday, Gupta and Monelyon will conduct a workshop for 20 schoolchildren of classes 7 and 8. Titled ‘The Power of Words Whispered’, it will span 75 minutes from 10.30 am. In the evening at 6 pm, London-based Tripathi will lecture on “WORDS vs SWORDS: The Anagram of Antagonism’ at the Pavilion in Cabral Yard. The talk will reflect on Shilpa’s biennale work titled ‘For, In Your Tongue, I Cannot Fit — 100 Jailed Poets’ and the works have inspired her.

On Sunday, Jadeja will hold a workshop titled ‘For, In Your Tongue, I Cannot Fit’ for young adults. It will be a two-hour session starting at 10.30 a.m, with 20 participants of the 15-20 age bracket.

The event is made possible with the support of Ishara Art Foundation, an independent non-profit arts space focused on art from South Asia.