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Women’s Cardiac Clinic Gets Inaugurated at Aster MIMS

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October 06, 2023

Aster MIMS, Calicut proudly announces the inauguration of North Kerala’s first Heart Clinic exclusively for women, ‘Aster Grace’. The inauguration ceremony, graced by renowned dancer and Bigg Boss title winner Dilsha Prasannan, took place on the auspicious occasion of World Heart Day.

Aster Grace Clinic aims to pioneer early detection of heart diseases, advise preventive measures, and provide innovative treatments at the most affordable cost. The clinic’s services focus on addressing specific concerns unique to women, including heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy, congenital heart diseases in adults, and preventive heart checkups for women post-menopause.

The clinic, led by experienced cardiologists Dr. Chaitanya and Dr. Renu P. Kurup, has a team of experts, including Dr. K. Geeta, Dr. Jesheera Mohammed Kutty, Sherin Thomas, and Mubashirin. The Women’s Cardiac Clinic offers comprehensive solutions to detect and prevent heart diseases, especially for those at risk due to lifestyle factors or general physical changes.

One of the significant features of Aster Grace is the Cardio-Obstetrics Clinic, providing specialized care for cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy and offering opportunities for prevention. The clinic aims to create awareness about heart protection among women, fostering necessary lifestyle changes to ensure heart health.

Dr. Salman Salahuddin, Head of the Cardiology department, emphasized the critical need for early detection, stating, “One-third of all deaths in women are attributed to cardiovascular diseases, surpassing deaths from breast cancer by 13 times. Aster Grace is here to detect and mitigate the possibility of heart diseases in advance.”

Aster Grace operates under the vigilant care of skilled professionals, offering services round the clock, except on Sundays. To schedule a visit, interested individuals are required to register by calling 8157051000.

The inauguration of Aster Grace marks a significant milestone in women’s healthcare in North Kerala, reinforcing Aster MIMS’s commitment to providing cutting-edge and accessible healthcare solutions for all.