World AIDS Day: KIMSHEALTH Holds Awareness Programme

Creating Proper and continuous awareness about the HIV AIDS is critically important to safeguard the society from the health challenges posed by the virus, said Dr Muhammed Niyas, Associate Consultant, Infectious Diseases, KIMSHEALTH, here on Wednesday.

Addressing the World AIDS Day awareness programme conducted at Carmel Girls Higher Secondary School here by KIMSHEALTH, Dr Niyas said the theme of World AIDS Day 2021 is ‘End Inequalities. End AIDS’. The theme suggests that while battling the spread of infection, proper care and consideration should be shown towards its victims, he said.

The topic of the talk was ‘Spread of AIDS, the virus behind it and empathy towards victims’.

AIDS affects the immunity of the victims in three phases—the health issues that immediately follows the infection, asymptomatic clinical latency and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

The treatment of HIV/AIDS has undergone remarkable progress in recent years. If identified early and the right treatment started, it is possible to bring the patients to normal life. Humanitarian approach towards AIDS victims is as important as waging a relentless fight against the virus, Dr Niyas added.


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