World Weightlifting Champion Presents Magic Gym

World Weightlifting Champion Peter Joseph has come up with the Magic Gym, a device that can do 12 different exercises in a single machine that can work out all the muscles in the body. Peter Joseph, a two – time world bodybuilding bronze medalist and gold medalist at the 2019 World Cup Weightlifting Championships in the United States, has 43 years of experience in the field of fitness and ten years of persistent effort. This machine, which requires only 12 square feet of space, allows men and women to do all the exercises they need at home without going to the gym.

Fist sale of the Magic gym was done by Libas P Bawa, National Champion in Weightlifting and Asian Champion in Powerlifting. Most of the equipment currently used in gyms are expensive or can only be used for any one exercise. This is where the importance of relatively inexpensive and locally made Leehans Magic Gym comes into play. Its uniqueness is that it can be used equally for all categories. Once purchased it will be zero maintenance so there will be no other costs in particular. Leans Magic Gym is effective for gluteus or buttocks stretching to relieve upper back pulling for wing muscles, lower back pulling to strengthen muscles around the spine, biceps, triceps, lower back and knee pain. This device is enough for quick push ups and cross walking which is a cardio workout.

Magic Gym is very useful for beginners and children. It can strengthen the joints and give exercise to all parts of the body without having to lift or hold weights. Peter Joseph’s Magic Gym Machine was built in his own workshop. Peter Joseph decided to build it on a commercial basis The Magic Gym Machine was designed by K.M. Kuriakos, who has worked as a mechanical engineer in various companies in the country and abroad.


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