Yes Bank Launches its Musical Logo, Establishes a Sonic Brand Identity

In its first step towards sonic branding, YES BANK has launched its musical logo (MOGO®), a versatile sound signature to greet and connect with customers across platforms and geographies. YES BANK’s sonic logo takes the form of a joyful, heart-stirring melody that represents the brand in an acoustic form. It has been conceived to engage with consumers more deeply by creating a multisensory experience.

Customers will be able to hear the melody across YES BANK’s digital and physical touchpoints – net banking, mobile banking, point of sale (POS) solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile ringtone and so on. In its longer version, the melody manifests as a warm, stirring harmony with an inviting tempo that lifts to an exuberant pitch as the music intensifies.

Jasneet Bachal, Chief Marketing Officer, YES BANK, said, “Amid the visual overload that consumers today deal with, this distinct MOGOSCAPE® will be catalytic in creating an experience that goes beyond visuals and touch. With the new sonic identity, we have attempted to evolve the brand identity into a simple, memorable and modernized sound – a harmony to engage the customer on a multi-sensory level, optimized for use in digital contexts. In its abbreviated version, the MOGO® is a sprightly melodic sound, compelling in contexts where shorter interaction is appropriate. Sound has a deeper emotional association with consumers, helps capture attention, and aid brand recognition. It is an attempt to creatively engage with consumers and create new memory pathways so that whenever our consumers engage with YES BANK, digitally or physically, this signature sound will accompany them on their journey with us.”

Rajeev Raja, Founder, BrandMusiq, said, “Delighted to create the sonic branding for YES BANK. We wanted to bring alive YES BANK in a positive, upbeat manner. Balancing that with the empathy and caring that the Bank offers its customers. We designed a very memorable MOGO® surrounded by a modern, contemporary soundscape.”

The musical logo, co-created with BrandMusiq agency, is simple enough for people to remember and striking enough for them to want to hum along to. Through the melody, the agency tried to capture the essence of the YES brand values such as transparency, accountability, resilience, humility, integrity and collaboration. The melody will work as the DNA to build any future sound architecture for the Bank’s audio branding.


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