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A Man Puts Garland on Wife Instead of New Bike, Wins Hearts Online

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October 13, 2022

In the age of short-lived romances and quick coffee dates, there are a few hard-core romantics who still believe in old-school love. And when one notices love that pure, they’re bound to cling onto it.

Giving us a glimpse of that very same old-school love is a viral video that has been doing rounds on the internet. The clip shows an elderly desi man, his wife, and another man at what looks like a bike showroom.

The other man gives the husband a garland which was for the new bike. However, he innocently goes towards his wife and tries to put the garland around her. The wife also bends her neck until someone in the background tells them it’s for the bike.

Feeling shy, he finally moves away from her and tries to put the garland on the bike. All along, his wife giggles and blushes like a new bride.

“This is so pure and genuine.. missing all this in the current generation..,” wrote one user. “Pure gold. The look on amma’s face is so satisfying and genuine. Made my day,” wrote another.

The video which has over 385.2K views as of now is going viral across social media platforms. From heart emojis to appreciation, the comment section is filled with heartfelt reactions.