Yoga Classes in School May help Kids Fight Stress, Anxiety

A study says that yoga classes in school may help kids fight against stress and.

Meditating Twice a Day for 20 Mins Cut PTSD Symptoms in Older Adults

WASHINGTON: Just 20 minutes of meditation twice a day may reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Majority of Oral Cancers Can be Prevented

NEW DELHI: Oral cancer refers to the cancers that occur in the mouth, lips, tongue,.

Sleep-related Problems Kill 3,500 Babies in US Each Year

WASHINGTON: About 3,500 babies in the US die each year due to sleep-related problems, including.

Red Tape Over a Dengue Vaccine Avoided a Health Crisis

NEW DELHI: The delay by the health ministry in approving the sale of the first-ever.

Women are Naturally More Fit than Men

WASHINGTON: Contradicting the assumption that men are more athletic than women, a study has recently.

Majority of Indians Pay for their Own Medical Expenses: Survey

MUMBAI: A whopping 62 per cent of Indians burnt a hole in their pockets by.

Half of US Adults have High Blood Pressure in New Guidelines

UNITED STATES: New guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure, adding 30 million Americans.

Tackling the Rising Sale of Unapproved Antibiotics in India

LONDON: Indian government needs to do more to tackle rising sale of unapproved antibiotics, according.

Reasons for a False-Positive Pregnancy Test Result

If a woman is trying to conceive or suspects she may be pregnant, home pregnancy.