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Adopt Innovative Measures for Survival: Dr. Christy Fernandez

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February 24, 2020

One has to change prevailing attitude and adopt innovative measures to sustain in the market said Dr. Christy Fernandez, Chairman KSIDC.

Those ideologies of last century may not work wonders to face challenges of this century he exclaimed during the inauguration of two day state conference of Builders Association of India (BAI) at Kochi. There will be no easy walk over the current financial and social crisis, which is a temporary phenomenon. The construction industry in the state is undergoing definitive make over and
requires modern technological advancements to remain successful, he said.

Waste management is one of the complicated challenges we face today, he reminded. We have to adapt to the latest technologies and professionalism in dealing with such issues and secure growth in the market. We need to bring in technical expertise and experienced hands to tackle the entangled market condition, he asserted.

Builders Association of India (BAI) State Chairman Prince Joseph presided over the meeting. Chairman of Convention Committee Edward George welcomed the gathering and BAI Kochi Centre Chairman C K S Panikker offered vote of thanks.

Online procedural systems to be implemented in construction industry
The governments should have clear data about the landed property and constitute a foolproof land management system for Kerala. The pollution happening in the backwaters of Vembanad lake is horrid and increasing day by day. Neither the government nor the courts are bothered about such heinous acts and believe the demolition of flats at Maradu have saved the environment, outcried Environmental Scientist P Z Thomas.

Dr Najeeb Zacharia, Managing Director of Abad Builders said the victims of the demolished projects at Maradu were proclaimed as convicts. The inefficiency and incompetency of the bureaucrats has led to the mishap at Maradu, he pointed out. The delegates have demanded for clarity in BTR and a master plan for future developments.

Who’s adamant on demolishing the Palarivattom Bridge
The builders from across the state have raised their concern and suspect anomaly in the handling of the controversial bridge at Palarivattom. During the technical session at the state convention of Builders Association of India the builders discoursed the various aspects led to the misfortunate demolition of flats at Maradu as well.

They have called for clarity and transparency in the system for granting permission for new structures by adapting latest online technologies. The Association have been insisting for the implementation of such a system for many years, exclaimed Reghuchandran Nair, Moderator and Managing Director of SI Property.

Lack of proper guidelines, impractical rules and regulations make the life of builders miserable. The Ministry of Environment is in dark about the CRZ notification and even the court rulings lack clarity, Harish Vasudevan pointed out.

It has been approved by the Indian Road Congress to conduct load test on such constructions and why the government is stubbornly denying the same at Palarivattom Bridge, asked experts. The delegates at the state conference of Builders Association India have questioned about the government approach towards not conducting load test at Palarivattom, which is very scientific and accepted all over. Correction procedures have already been executed on the bridge as reported by IIT and why should the bridge be demolished rather than making it strong and usable. It is unfortunate that the government is not lending its ears to experts from the industry. The government should allow load test, demanded Dr Supratic Gupta, Concrete Specialist from IIT, Delhi STUP Consultants Director Samuel Anp Thomas and Moderator and Structural Consultant Dr Anil Joseph.

Construction of a bridge is carried out by a team not by a single person and the Contractor was jailed for months, exclaimed Varghese Kannampally. Dr C J John and V Sunil Kumar Managing Director of Asset Homes also spoke.