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AG&P Pratham Launches CNG in Kollam

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January 20, 2022

AG&P Pratham, a leading player in Indian City Gas Distribution (CGD) industry, has launched CNG Kollam district of Kerala with its first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in the City.

The AG&P Pratham CNG station in Kollam is co-located with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation ltd (HPCL) at Electric Motors and Works, Aayathil. AG&P Pratham has exclusive license to supply Natural Gas in Alapuzha, Kollam, and Thiruvananthapuram and aims to launch 28 more CNG stations in these three districts by March 2022. Kollam’s first CNG station was inaugurated by NK Premchandran, Member of Parliament from Kollam, in the presence of M Noushad, Kollam district MLA, Ranjith Ramakrishnan Regional Head, Kerala, and others.

Inaugurating the station, NK Premachandran, Member of Parliament from Kollam, said, “We want to congratulate AG&P Pratham for undertaking the initiative of providing clean fuel and bringing its services to Kollam. The benefits of using CNG are being well appreciated today in cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gas emission and being economical for the masses. This station will help the residents of Kollam reduce dependence on traditional fuels and take a leap towards sustainable living with the cost savings up to 50%. As a state, Kerala has pioneered innovation and change in the country, and this initiative by AG&P Pratham will set an important benchmark in India’s journey of becoming sustainable and achieving net-zero emissions.”

Speaking at the inauguration, Ranjith Ramakrishnan, Regional Head, Kerala said, “We are delighted to announce the opening of AG&P Pratham’s first CNG station in Kollam. The station will not only provide access to cleaner fuel to the residents of the region but will also transform their lives by allowing them to experience a fuel that is economical, reliable as well as convenient. We sincerely thank our partners at HPCL and the local authorities for their invaluable support in bringing this important energy infrastructure to Kollam. We expect to see an increasing and accelerated switch to CNG-fueled vehicles, to create a cleaner environment, promoting sustainable mobility.”

Aligning with the government’s vision of facilitating the adoption of a safer, greener and smarter fuels to promote sustainable mobility, AG&P Pratham’s stations will provide almost any vehicle — including cars, auto-rickshaws and heavy-duty transit vehicles such as buses and trucks – access to CNG. The adoption of CNG offers compelling economic benefits to vehicle-owners and also helps combat overall ambient pollution – ultimately, helping the country in moving towards energy sufficiency and transforming into a gas-based economy. CNG has the strongest safety record, because of its non-toxic and lighter-than-air quality that causes it to evaporate and reduce the risk of fire.