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Airtel Launches ‘Airtel Black’ – India’s Ffirst all-in-one Solution for Homes

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July 03, 2021

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s premier communications solutions provider, today announced the launch of its latest innovation Airtel Black – India’s first all-in-one solution for homes. -90

In today’s world, the customer’s home has become the single place for both work life and personal life. The need for high speed data, the need for entertainment at home and the need for seamless connectivity on mobile, is now one holistic need.

Yet these services have historically been bought and managed, as individual services. Customers have expressed their frustration on multiple bills to be paid on different due dates across the months, services getting switched off due to forgotten recharges, and difficulty in managing services from multiple local service providers. We decided to innovate to solve this customer problem.

Airtel Black is the new program for the discerning, quality-seeking customers. A customer can bundle 2 or more of Airtel services (Fiber, DTH, Mobile) together to become Airtel Black – which entitles the customer for one single bill, one Customer Care number with a dedicated team of relationship managers, and priority resolution of faults and issues. All of this, also comes with amazing value of zero-switching and installation costs coupled with free service visits for life.

Airtel Black elevates the customer experience with a host of industry-first features:

· Simplify your life: Airtel Black is super convenient and liberates customers from the hassle of managing multiple bill payment dates, navigating customer care IVRs, or interacting with separate service providers.

· Get the Priority you deserve: A customer will connect to a care representative within 60 seconds of calling. The team of experts managing the customer relationship keeps in touch for all your requirements and solves them on a priority basis. All service visits needed for your service come to you on priority, and free of charge.

· No TV service disconnection: Airtel Black also helps customers enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing, due to DTH being offered as a billed service. All the user needs is to pay their one bill monthly.

· Customise it to your needs: Airtel Black offers a simple feature where users have full choice of selecting their suitable plans for each service, and then bundle them together for billing.

Says Shashwat Sharma, Director – Marketing and Communications, Bharti Airtel: “Airtel Black is another step in our obsession for solving our customer problems at Airtel. This squarely addresses the need for convenience and peace of mind for our customers, as they navigate their lives in the new normal. As an integrated operator, Airtel is uniquely positioned to deliver an exceptional experience on all home services –Fiber, DTH and Mobile, to our customers. And Airtel Black is focussed on doing just that.”