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American Airlines Completes Transition to Digital Global Cargo Business and Operations with IBS

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November 12, 2020

American Airlines Cargo continued the modernization of its business with the deployment of the iCargo Mail business capability, completing the implementation of all key modules in IBS Software’s iCargo platform.

iCargo Air Mail Handling and Mail Revenue Accounting is the final module to go live at American’s cargo and is fully integrated across all the iCargo modules, thus enabling enhanced real-time air mail capacity segmentation, allotment, monitoring, handling and mail revenue accounting across the global cargo and mail network and providing end-to-end management of the air mail business from a single fully integrated air cargo and mail management system, available on all stations including American’s domestic and global hubs.

With this successful go-live, American has become the first US carrier to move away from the industry’s legacy system into an end-to-end fully integrated cargo management solution that manages all aspects of American’s cargo business, including offers, routings, pricing, scanning, executing, operational performance, issue resolution, and accounting for its domestic and international postal partners as well as its air cargo customers.

iCargo has helped American simplify landscape of its cargo business’s by reducing the number of systems from 90 to 10, eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies in systems and processes that will drive improvements for its over 8,000-strong cargo team and 30,000 customers.

“Completing the transition to iCargo is a critical step in digitalizing our global air cargo business. Air cargo has played a vital role during the pandemic, and it is important that we continue to innovate and press ahead with our digital strategy as we look toward the future,” said Angela Hudson, Head of Transformation for American Airlines Cargo.

“Our entire team owned this transition and have been working side-by-side to leverage our new tools with customers in mind,” she added.

With the core business embedded in the new technology, American can now provide technology-led business solutions and continue innovating around digital distribution strategies and digital customer engagement strategies.

“The successful go-live of iCargo at American Airlines is a testament to the commitment that iCargo and IBS Software bring to the global air cargo business. The successful remote delivery of the final product demonstrates the strong implementation capability and processes followed by IBS,” said Ashok Rajan, SVP and Head of Cargo & Logistics at IBS Software.

“American AirlinesCargo has an incredible team running an intensive schedule and we’re delighted that iCargo will be playing a critical role in helping their business grow,” he added.

“I’m so incredibly proud of our team across the globe and our core team of experts that partnered with IBS. Having an end-to-end cargo management platform that enables us to grow and adapt is critical, now more so than ever. In September 2020, our cargo-only schedule more than doubled to help us meet demand and serve our customers around the world. Our talented team combined with an industry leading platform means we’re well equipped to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers and industry,” said Jessica Tyler, President Cargo and Vice President Airport Excellence at American Airlines.