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Anfa Agri Products Launched Organic Biriyani Rice

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February 16, 2021

One of the leading rice-producing company, Anfa Agri Products has launched organic biriyani rice in Kerala. It is available in the product names Mughal Gold and Aisha.

Mughal Gold and Aisha will be the first rice products in Kerala which is bought from Bardhaman in West Bengal, the producer of original ‘Kaima’ biriyani rice. The organic Bardhaman rice which is produced traditionally is rich in quality. The consumers can download the Smart Consumer App and scan the bar code in the rice packet and consumers can understand from where the rice is produced. It will help the consumer to know about the genuineness of the product.

As there is scarcity of organic rice, the Popular Organic Rice will be available in one kilo and five kilo packets in the initial phase. The rice is sold at Rs 201 for one kg and Rs 1000 for five kg in the market.

As people are more health cautious during the Covid pandemic, the demand for organic rice products has increased in Kerala. In these circumstances, the company is making available the quality Kaima rice produced from Bardhaman to the Kerala market, said Abdul Salam MC, Managing Director, Anfa Agri Products.