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Aristocrat Introduces Seven New Ranges of Bags

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June 17, 2019

Aristocrat, the value brand from V.I.P Industries Ltd, India’s leading luggage company, introduces seven new stylish ranges to their existing portfolio. Made using the finest material, trendy colors and high functionality features, the bags are designed for long-lasting resilience.

Equipped with new security features, the new ranges – Octavia, Sonata, Fabia and Avanza – are made with new premium and durable fabric. The sizes of the uprights are larger than most bags in the industry. Packed with features ranging from a strap-on belt for additional luggage, jacket holder, anti-theft zipper, fixed lock to a convi-pack with mesh, these bags are feature-loaded and value for money. Available in a host of colours, these variants provide the perfect match of style and functionality and are available at trade outlets.

The three new ranges – Saphire, Verrano and Sorento – introduced in the hyper channel by Aristocrat have premium fabric and are feature-loaded. The Saphire range is equiped with laptop compatible cabin size, TSA Lock and an Anti-Theft zipper protecting all your valuable items, Verrano is available with anti-theft zipper, strap-on for additional luggage and jacket holder, and the Sorrento range comes with strap-on and a detachable PVC toiletry pouch. The new ranges come in three sizes desinged for an easy going travel and super trendy colors. These ranges have specificially been introduced for the hyper channel.

The products are economically priced starting at Rs. 2,790 for the cabin size bags. So, go grab the latest collection of ranges from Aristocrat available in outlets and luggage dealers across the country.