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Bluei Showcases its Product Series in Dealer Meet at Bhatinda

In Business
July 05, 2022

Bluei, one of the most rumored brands in the versatile embellishment portion, has showcased their audio products during the dealer’s meet in Bhatinda at Hotel Sapphire by Bluei. The occasion is gone to by 400 sellers, merchants, and retailers the whole way across Punjab. This occasion is fundamentally making a stage to sustain the connection between the sellers. The vendors are an essential piece of the organization, thus Bluei generally arranges these occasions so the sellers are spurred. This time likewise, at this occasion, the vendors and retailers have been given honors and certificates for their incredible work. Through accreditations and grants, the brand recognizes their help and propels them also.

The company also launched some exciting schemes and special offers were also there to motivate and attract buyers. Dealers were seen as happy to interact with the technical team and other senior management.

Apart from this Bluei had also showcased a wide variety of mobile accessories and lifestyle gadgets with amazing product quality and new technology of modern India. People were amazed and were excited to see trendy and latest gadgets to trade in their respective markets.

At the launch of Bluei dealers meet Akhilesh Chopra, Marketing Director, Bluei says, “We have coordinated this occasion and we are congratulating each of the vendors by accreditation and so forth. Notwithstanding this Bluei has additionally sent off accessories and 2 earphones and sound items, quick chargers and so on at the meet. ” Also sent off the retailer and vendor plans/offers to support up deals at ground level.