Airtel Thanks App Now Available in Malayalam for Airtel Prepaid Customers

NEW DELHI: As part of its mission to simplify the customer journey through innovative digital.

Microsoft Introduces New Security Technology to Prevent Data Corruption

SAN FRANCISCO: Microsoft has introduced a new platform security technology to prevent data corruption techniques.

Google Brings Fact-check Label to Images in Search

SAN FRANCISCO: To help users decide whether they should believe what they see, Google has.

CUSAT Research Team Develops Device to Generate Power from Human Movements

KOCHI: Researchers attached to the Inter University Center for Nano Materials and Devices(IUCND), CUSAT Nanotechnology.

Moon Selfies, New Viral Trend Amuses Netizens

NEW DELHI: Social media users are nowadays engaged in a bizarre trend of clicking photos.

Hacker Creates New Device that can Unlock Any Luxury Car

SAN FRANCISCO: A hacker named “EvanConnect” has developed a device which helps users break into.

ISRO Readying Low-cost Launch Vehicles

THIRUVANANATHAPURAM: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is readying low-cost satellite launch vehicles costing about.

Alexa Beats Siri on Emergency Info, First Aid Advice

TORONTO: While most virtual assistants do not yet live up to their considerable potential when.

CUSAT Students Develops Reusable Payload Retrieval System

KOCHI: How can the use-and-throw Radio sonde costing around Rs. 12,000/- used by Advance Centre for.

Still Using ”password” and ”123456” as Pass Codes? Read on

LONDON: If you are still using ”password” and ”123456” as your pass codes to access.