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Christmas got Merrier with 3 Special Edition Fans from Fanzart

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December 17, 2019

This Christmas, the aroma of pudding can disseminate throughout your living space as Fanzart, a fan manufacturer which focuses on innovative designs and features have launched a new range of fans adding glitter to this Christmas festival. It appends to the decorative spirit, the twinkling of lights, the beautiful colors, nativity scene, sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies and multitude of decorations.

Tarun Lala, Executive Director, Fanzart said, “The new Christmas range of fans appends our existing novel collections. Apart from celebrations, décor is a main element of Christmas. We wanted to offer our customers tote up their décor with a stylish and feature rich fans.”

‘Shimmer’ to the Twinkle
‘Shimmer’ is a stylish, glittery and musical ceiling fan that comes with retractable blades and a three-colour LED light dome. The addition of glitter makes it look like the night sky, making it perfect to sleep under. Equipped with blue-tooth speakers, here’s a fan that can turn your Christmas Eve into a night full of fun and laughter with Christmas carols playing from up above.

Colour: White
Blade: Retractable Transparent Fine Acrylic 4 nos
Sweep: 1118 mm / 44 in
Light Kit: Multi Colour LED (36W)
Sound Kit: 10W Bluetooth Speaker

Speicial Functionalities:
BLDC motor fan
Glittery effect on the fan
Multi-colour LED option
Bluetooth speakers

‘Pluto’ Swaps Red and Wooden Finish
A remarkable feat of engineering, the Pluto boasts a laudably compact design. The high quality special wooden blades come in a reversible dual colour scheme, which makes this fan an interior designer’s dream. The fan complements very well with the Christmas décor as you can swap the blades to the red colour. The fan itself will become the centre piece in your Christmas themed living room.

Colour: Nickel Black
Blade: Reversible High Quality Special Wood Red / Black 5 nos
Sweep: 1070 mm / 42 in

Special Functionalities:
Reversible blades
Summer Winter feature

‘Tiffany’ Filled with Affluence
This range is named after one of the most gifted jewellery makers in history and the name goes by the core material used which is Tiffany stained glass. Tiffany redefines aesthetic brilliance. The dome and lamp shades feature exquisite glass-painting while the hand-crafted wooden blades form a sight to feast on. The penta-pack LED lights also make the fan capable of illuminating larger rooms than its competitors. The Tiffany brings in the festive season with panache.

Colour: Hand Painted Multi Coloured Stained Glass
Blade: Hand Crafted Natural Wood, Chestnut 5 nos
Sweep: 1320 mm / 52 in
Light Kit: E27 x 5 (15W) | E12 x 4
Pull Chain Included

Special Functionalities:
Summer winter feature
Hand painted stained glass
Hand crafted wooden blades