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Clara Anna Eden Steals all the Attention

In Political News
April 17, 2019

This election season has stood out in many ways but none like a 6-year-old daughter seeking support for her father. Its none other that Clara Anna Eden, daughter of the UDF candidate Hibi Eden.

A campaign song sung by Clara ‘Ullam Thodum Hibi Eden’ was launched on Hibi Eden’s facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HibiEden/videos/1211839045629750/) which took everyone by surprise. It is for the first time ever such an attempt is witnessed where a 6-year-old sings for her father as part of the election campaign. Unlike the regular shrill election campaign music this lullaby exemplifies the emotional connect between a daughter and father. The song is composed by well acclaimed music director Mejo Joseph and Lyrics by Vinayak Sasikumar.

Mejo Joseph said that, he was very much fascinated about Clara’s age and everyone was awestruck by her effortless ability. He added she has a promising future and topping it all was her priceless expressions and actions throughout the song. Anna Eden, Hibi Eden’s wife commented that more than singing for her father she was more excited about the tune of the song which was selected by Clara herself out of three options recommended by Mejo Joseph.

Even before the announcement of Hibi Eden’s candidature a rhyme sung by Clara ‘Parayu Parayu Thathamme’ had gone viral in social media. The little one had caught everyone’s attention by her chirpy voice and expression. All she took was less that one and a half hours to record both audio and video of the whole campaign song.