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Covid-19 Cases in India Near 20K, State-wise Tracker

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April 22, 2020

With 1383 new cases and 50 fatalities in 24 hours, the total tally of novel coronavirus cases in India reached 19,984 on Wednesday, health ministry said.

In a morning update, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said, of the total cases at least 15474 are active cases of novel coronavirus, while 640 people have lost their lives. The Ministry also said, “there are at least 77 foreign nationals affected from the disease.”

“At least 617 have been cured and discharged from the hospital in the last 24 hours taking the number of recovered people to 3869,” said the ministry. The total number of cases in Maharashtra crossed five thousand mark and surged to 5218 with 251 casualties according to the Health Ministry data. A total of 722 people have been discharged from the hospitals post recovery.

Maharashtra is followed by Gujarat with 2178 cases and 90 deaths, while 139 people have been discharged. The national capital reported a total of 2156 cases and 47 deaths so far. A total of 611 people have been discharged from the hospitals in Delhi.

In Andman and Nicobar Islans, out of 16 people infected with the disease, 11 have recovered and discharged from the hospitals. In Andhra Pradesh, the tally rose to 757, out of which 96 have been discharged. The state has seen the deaths of 22 people so far.

There is only one case in Arunachal Pradesh, while in Assam, 35 people are infected with Coronavirus, 19 have been discharged and the state has seen only one death so far. In the neighbouring Manipur, 2 cases have been reported while Mizoram has reported one case and Meghalaya 12. In Bihar, there is a sharp rise in corona positive patients. The tally has gone up to 126 in the state out of which 42 have been discharged, while 2 people have died of the disease.

In Chandigarh, 27 positive cases have been reported out of which 14 have been discharged. In Chhattisgarh, out of 36 reported cases, 26 have recovered and discharged. The state has seen no death so far.

Goa is a Coronavirus free state. All seven patients have recovered and discharged from the hospital. Haryana has reported 254 coronavirus positive cases so far, out of which 127 have recovered while 3 people have died.

In Himachal Pradesh, there are 40 Covid-19 patients, out of which 16 have recovered and one person has died in the state. Jammu and Kashmir has reported 380 cases so far, out of which 91 have been discharged and five people have died of the disease.

Jharkhand has witnessed no new cases in last 24 hours. The state has so far reported 45 cases while 3 people have died. In Karnataka, a total of 418 are inflicted with the Covid-19 disease, out of which 129 have been discharged and 17 people have died so far.

Kerala has a total of 427 cases out of which 307 have been discharged while 3 people have died on the state. Madhya Pradesh has seen a big spike in cases. According to the health ministry”s data, the state has reported 1552 cases out of which 148 have recovered and 76 people have died of the disease so far. Indore is the worst affatected city.

In Odisha, so far 79 cases have been reported, 24 discharged and 1 person has died of the disease. Puducherry has reported only 7 cases so far.

Punjab has reported 245 cases with 39 recoveries and 16 deaths. The total tally of infected cases in Rajasthan has reached up to 1659, out of which 230 have recovered and 25 have died.

In Tamil Nadu, a total of 1596 people are infected with the virus out of which 635 have been discharged and 18 have died. Telangana has reported 928 cases so far out of which 194 have been discharged and 23 have died.

Tripura has reported 2 cases only. Uttarakhand has reported 46 cases out of which 19 have been discharged.

Uttar Pradesh has witnessed 1294 coronavirus cases so far out of which 140 have recovered and 20 people have died in the state.
In West Bengal, a total of 423 people are infected with the virus out of which 73 have been discharged and 15 have succumbed to the disease so far, according to the health ministry data.