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Cox & Kings Partners Britain’s Top Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre

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January 30, 2019

A food extravaganza with a delectable and action-packed culinary line-up is all set to enthral Mumbai with its fourth edition – World on a Plate Season 4.

With a spectacular series of everything delicious, WOAP will see the Godfather of modern food and Britain’s top celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White visiting Mumbai to gift the city the taste of his signature dishes. Taking the culinary festival up a notch, Cox & Kings, world’s oldest travel company and a front-runner in the culinary tourism space has partnered with Gold Rush Entertainment.

Featuring exceptional restaurant and dessert pop-ups by the city’s top restaurants, master classes by renowned master chefs, exclusive curated dinners & lunches, competitions amongst amateur chefs, awards given away by some of the world’s most influential culinary artists and much more, World On A Plate Season 4 is touted to be its biggest edition till date. With over 16 Celebrity Masterclasses, 25 food pop-ups that span regional Indian & global cuisines, unique desserts showcases and Mumbai’s best food delivery brands, an impressive cocktail program at the venue that includes an ‘art of cocktail making’ masterclass and fresh craft brews; the two day gourmet food festival will kick-start a memorable 2019 for every Indian foodie.

“The city is excited to welcome acclaimed chef Marco Pierre White and Cox & Kings stands proud to be a host. While the food lovers have a haven to indulge in over the weekend, it is inspiring to see such tremendous participation for the unique culinary fest. Marco’s profound contribution to the hospitality and culinary industry will bring a luminous charm to the celebration. We are delighted to have partnered and given wings to an event of such a stature.” said, Debolin Sen, Business Head, Tour to Feast powered by Cox & Kings.

The culinary show will also witness celebration of some of the most revered restaurants. Each participating chef has to prepare their signature dish for Chef Marco. World on a Plate has unveiled seven unique award categories including ‘World On A Plate Restaurant of The Year’ judged by Chef White, Popular Choice Restaurant of the Year and Popular Choice Dessert Brand of The Year, Britannia Amateur Pastry Chef of the Year, Food Photographer of The Year, Food Blogger of The Year and Corporate Masterchef of the Year.

“I am super stoked to be a part of World on a Plate season 4 this year. I am waiting to see what Mumbai has in store for me – the culture, the food and most of all, meeting its top 16 chefs! I can’t wait to see their culinary genius and taste their creations to choose the World on A Plate restaurant of the year. What I am most looking forward to, however, is being mesmerized by India’s food and it’s mélange of new and old school cooking, the country’s historic culture and of course, exchanging notes on Indian cuisine with my fellow chefs” mentions Chef Marco Pierre White.

“I have been very lucky in my life to travel around the world. India is one of the very few countries I dreamt of going to and through food you can inspire people, enrich people’s lives and make them dream. I believe if you have been given a talent in this life, you have a duty and a responsibility to share it forward for generations to come!” he added.

“I believe that World on A Plate is no ordinary food festival but one that captivates all senses and creates a fine line and becomes art, making it the biggest and the most credible International Food Festival in the country. Giving Indian chefs an opportunity to showcase food as their genuine expression of passion, we offer visitors to meet talented chefs from the city and this festival and this year is going to be the biggest with the great Marco Pierre White being an integral part of it. Open to gourmands, aspiring college graduates, home chefs, professional chefs and foodies alike, WORLD ON A PLATE Season 4 is one you do not want to miss,” said by Kiran Soans, CEO, Gold Rush Entertainment. This year, Gold Rush ‘World on a Plate’ is powered by Cox & Kings.