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Cricket DSports, All Set To Launch Dreamz Premier League

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February 23, 2019

Craze, courage, fear, fantasy, win and the list goes on, of the words that have found the entry in the cricket lexicon. Keeping aside the intellectual reasons for the time being, we realize that cricket has surpassed all possibilities for a reason. It is a mania a craze. DPL-Dreamz Premier League is one of the most elite, premium and professional cricket leagues of Mumbai.

The opening ceremony of this league will take place on 24th Feb 2019 at Astro Park, Bandra in presence of some renowned dignitaries like Siddhant Chaturvedi (India actor – Gully boys), Shivranjani Singh (Indian playback singer), Shashank Singh (Indian cricketer Rajasthan Royal), Sapna Pabbi (Actress from Movie Khamoshiyaan and TV Series), Dilip Balwant Vengsarkar (former Indian cricketer), Dr. PV Shetty (Mumbai Cricket Association Jt. Hon. Secretary)

Wasib Peshimam is the founder of DPL, Arhaan Peshimam- co-founder and Darshan Shetty.  Wasib Peshimam is also the director of Al Samit International, AL Samit International recruitment services and prime projects infrastructure. He is the visionary and brainchild behind Dreamz Premier League. He himself is an avid sportsperson and a fitness freak. He envisioned sports as a form of engagement and encouragement whilst developing it as a medium of entertainment and sportsmanship.

DPL is a most elite and premium under-arm cricket tournament, currently contested of 20 teams consisting of 19 players each from all over India. The 20 owners are elite business individuals belonging to diversified business across India. A total of 380 players will be participating and the tournament will be played of 18 days.

The sports event will be broadcasted live on Discovery sports channel (DSports) and will be live on air in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, and the Maldives. Big-ticket events strengthen local cricket by giving domestic talent an opportunity and also start a chain of non-cricket activities that gives the economy a boost and the image of the country is enhanced. The DPL is a competitive domestic league for all to see. Also, the league is expected to provide much needed financial security to domestic players who otherwise are tempted to migrate to other sources.

DPL will be a platform for emerging players with immense potential. It is an opportunity for those who have an inclination towards underarm cricket to demonstrate their skills and gain recognition. It can help to discover some talented players, who will benefit Indian cricket in short, medium and long run. The league is not just about performance, money and feel-good friendship, it is also a test of younger player’s ability to withstand the distractions of the fame factor.

As far as our country India is concerned, cricket is the most liked game, to the extent of madness among the children and youngsters. Wherever you move, you will find children with a bat & ball in hand. Because of lack of facilities, a new concept of underarm cricket has come into action. The reason appears to be very simple. There are restrictions on hitting the ball and it can be played in a very limited area. Therefore, it can be seen in Mumbai that most of the grounds have made a special court for underarm cricket, also called gully cricket.

It has come to the limelight with most of the tournaments played being available to watch on YouTube. Now, Dream Premier League (DPL) has taken the initiative to introduce a new form by broadcasting the tournaments live on D Sports. This tournament will start on 24th February 2019 till 1st May because the games are played only on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Most of the young players having a natural talent have developed an interest in underarm cricket and have also made it their livelihood. Whenever they play, they are offered an amount as per their caliber. Such players register themselves on the internet site and they are divided into three categories, A,B & C; as per their caliber and they are priced accordingly.

The game needs to be accorded importance because these boys can not reach the national level of Overarm Cricket, as the opportunities are limited and a lot of facilities are required. Very interestingly, the boys have learned to control their bats, as they can not hit the ball however they want. The player has to have a sense of bat control.

It will be a chance for the upcoming cricketers to face an international standard opposition. It offers luxury prior to getting to that stage. It, therefore, allows them to be prepared when arriving on the international scene and gives them a taste of what is expected at the highest level. Having such a competitive tournament, in terms of player’s quality, means statistic taken from the tournament can represent the player’s caliber.

It works on the franchise system based on the American style of hiring players and transfer. The DPL will show how innovation in service can be appealing to the consumer, and how competition and globalization can bring improvements. The cursory glance showed many standouts were un-heard of India. DPL is a good opportunity for these players to enjoy the limelight of national and international audience. This would provide a steady stream of newly discovered players who can revitalize national teams.