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CyberProof Announces Integration of CyberProof Defense Center Platform

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March 02, 2019

CyberProof Inc., a UST Global company, announced a new collaboration that follows the recent launch of Microsoft’s new, native cloud SIEM solution.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is now pre-integrated with the CyberProof Defense Center, so that customers can use a cloud-scalable orchestration security operations platform for autMicrosoft Office 365, multi-clouomated detection, incident response, and recovery. In addition, CyberProof’s own expert intelligence insights are integrated with the Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph, which dramatically reduces incident dwell time.

“Many of our customers struggle to monitor all their security events. Our integration of Microsoft Azure Sentinel gives both large and small organizations an end-to-end cyber defense capability that is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, and for the first time, allows them to make sense of events from internal, endpoints and cloud based data sources,” said Tony Velleca, CyberProof CEO.

“We’re delighted that our customers gain immediate value with Microsoft Azure Sentinel,” said Eran Alsheh, CyberProof CTO. He continued, “We can uniquely deploy our platform with the cloud-native Azure Sentinel SIEM solution quickly, and it supports data collection for on premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud ecosystems, with intuitive dashboards and reporting that provide continuous multi-tier insights for our customers.”

Adwait Joshi, Director, Azure Security, Microsoft Corp. stated, “We are pleased to be working with CyberProof, a next-generation managed security services provider (MSSP). The integration of Microsoft Azure Sentinel with CyberProof’s Defense Center provides greater security and added value for our customers, helping them scale to today’s growing security challenges while reducing costs.”

Using CyberProof’s Defense Center platform with Azure Sentinel helps lower costs and improves the efficiency of the CyberProof security operations team in several important ways: Azure Sentinel provides playbook management with AI-enhanced automation, which reduces costs. It has an intuitive user experience that can be mastered without requiring specialist skills or training, and its KQL query language allows CyberProof teams to create rules for hunting, analytics, dashboards and reporting – providing insights for internal and multi-layer customer stakeholders.