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DMRC Inaugurate India’s First Cashless Metro Parking with NETC FASTag at Kashmere Gate

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July 08, 2021

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in association with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) today inaugurated India’s first FASTag/UPI based 100% Smart and Cashless parking at Kashmere Gate Metro Station.

The cashless parking facility was launched at the Kashmere Gate Metro Station by Dr. Mangu Singh, MD, DMRC in the presence of senior officials of DMRC and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). As part of the Multi-Model Integration (MMI) initiative, dedicated Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) lanes for Auto, Taxi, and E-Rickshaws were also inaugurated at the station. This happens to be the first Metro Station parking installation and NPCI is already in discussion with other metro authorities to replicate the same solution. As most of the commuters would eventually use a NCMC card, the integrated solution would not only provide a convenient solution for the commuters, but also provides a safe payment option during the pandemic.

NPCI is geared-up to expand the contactless car parking facility in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Trivandrum amongst other cities. It has been in advanced discussion with Maha Metro to enable several stations with the 100% contactless parking solution with NETC FASTag across Nagpur and Pune Metro stations. It has also initiated discussions with major malls, airports, ports, railway stations, metro stations, hospitals, and other private parking lots in the country for the NETC FASTag powered contactless car parking solutions. The company has been receiving interest from major banks in spearheading the parking projects especially after the 100% NETC FASTag Mandate announced by the Indian Government.

This exclusively cashless parking facility located at Gate No.6 of the Kashmere Gate Station can accommodate 55 four-wheelers and 174 two-wheelers. The entry/exit and payment of 4- wheelers can be done through the FASTag. The parking fee will be deducted through FASTag, which will reduce the time for entry and payment. The system will play a significant role in reducing queues at the entry and exit of the parking lot, thereby offering convenient and safe parking payment experience to customers.

Dr. Mangu Singh, Managing Director DMRC said “The cashless parking project is a major step as part of the government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative. We have taken this up as a pilot project. After observing the response, we will plan similar systems at more parking facilities at our stations. In fact, we will explore more opportunities to go digital wherever there is a scope. This will not only help us in modernizing the facilities, but will also help the commuters by saving their time and ease the process. Under MMI, we have many other projects, which will be implemented in a graded manner.”

Praveena Rai, COO, NPCI said “We are pleased to partner with DMRC to introduce the country’s first 100% digital parking plaza along with the NETC FASTag contactless car parking solution at their Kashmere Gate Metro Station. The parking plaza would accept NETC FASTag for 4 wheelers & UPI payments for all 2 wheelers.  With NETC FASTag, it’s our constant endeavour to provide seamless, cashless, and automated toll and parking payment solutions.”

Ajay Mishra, COO IHMCL said “NETC FASTag has provided seamless experience to the highways users across the country with non-stop vehicles movement at toll plazas. After successful implementation at National & State Highways, the next logical extension is to extend it to Parking payments and other use cases. We are happy that NETC FASTag program is contributing to Governments Digital India Vision.”

The contactless car parking facility allows passengers and visitors the comfort of paying for parking without the need to roll down their windows. While parking lots across the country are being enabled with digital payment solutions only NETC FASTag can provide a 100% contactless solution. This leads to an opportunity to all parking providers across the country to adopt a safe and contactless payment solution by implementing the NETC FASTag solution. The application installed at the parking plaza can seamlessly integrate with NETC FASTag API model provided by Acquiring Banks and avail the benefit of an interoperable ecosystem.

How the solution works:
Customers can buy NETC FASTag from any of the 29 issuer banks. The tag employs Radio- frequency Identification (RFID) technology and needs to be affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen. NETC FASTag can be linked to a prepaid account or a CASA account. The subscriber can use the parking without any manual intervention, such as waiting for a parking receipt at the entry or making cash/credit card payments at the exit. There is no additional cost to customers with respect to the parking fee. One has to just purchase a one- time tag which does away with the wait time at entry and exit.

Dedicated NETC FASTag lanes are in place. When a user arrives through this lane, the strategically placed RFID reader will capture the tag with the timestamp and store the details in the local data base. While exiting, the same will be reconciled and the chargeable parking fee is automatically deducted allowing the passengers to sail through the parking lot in no time. Post completion of every transaction, the user will receive SMS on the deducted amount.