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The Dopeadelicz Are all Set to Launch ‘Vishama’, from Album ‘Mapulz’

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July 21, 2020

Dopedaddy & Stony Psyko are dropping yet another track titled ‘Vishama’, from their upcoming album ‘Mapulz’. Vishamais a Tamil track that speaks to the true reality of our country. ‘Vishama’ which means poison, highlights the brutality of situations due to negligence, inequality, and injustice.

The song is written and performed by both Rajesh Radhakrishnan aka Dopedaddy and Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psyko. The lyrics of ‘Vishama’ showcase various scenarios playing out today, where people have lost their humanity. Even though they have legal bodies and institutions to protect them, common people are facing ever-increasing injustice. The video has been artistically curated to depict these stories. The characters illustrate the agony and pain of not being able to voice their opinions.

It amplifies the fact that today, our country and the whole world are facing a situation where our livelihood is endangered by human behaviour. Vishama’s video showcases examples of ‘fields turning into graveyards’ and ‘air getting poisonous’,that explicitly intends to awaken us along with the hard-hitting lyrics of the song, to take action.

The Dopeadelicz, managed by Karan Amin, have always endeavoured to entertain audiences with their interesting concepts and innovative music ideas. This time with ‘Vishama’ they are here to make a point, to stand strong, think right and raise your voice when you need to.

Vishama is being released by Most Wanted Records, a division of Sippy Media LLP.

Speaking about the song, Dopeadelicz share, “Since the past few months we have been facing a lot of issues due to Corona Virus and being in a Lockdown state not knowing when this is going to get over and will we be able to go back to our normal life. But if we turn the pages and look at our history, the suffering of people has always been there but the only difference is that everytime we overcome a problem another one rises.

Innocent people are locked up in jail for crimes they haven’t committed. People are locked up in wrong beliefs and superstitions. Women are locked up and raped. The lockdown is not outside but inside our mind, we have limited ourselves from standing for what’s right. Vishama means poison, once a snake bites you, immediately you seek an antidote to cure yourself before it’s too late right, the same way when something happens around us, we got to react quickly before it’s too late. Let’s not kill our own.