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FC Goa Launches GaurBot

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September 17, 2016

FC Goa became the first franchise to launch an interactive AI messenger service on the social media platform, Facebook. The ‘GaurBot’, as it prefers to call itself will give fans the chance to have a real time interaction throughout the season. Built with the purpose of becoming a ‘one stop guide to everything about FC Goa’ for the fc goaupcoming season of the ISL, the application will be a part of Facebook’s Messenger feature.
The technology which is currently being used to roll out FC Goa’s #WriteOurWin campaign prompts the fans to send customised messages to the players with the promise of these appearing in the promotional activities that the club undertakes throughout the season. The #WriteOurWin Campaign is part of the club’s initiative to give them fans a far more personal experience through the course of Season 3.
While the GaurBot is currently focussed on the campaign, it is expected to soon integrate everything from news, ticketing, official merchandise and contests within the system in order to ease the process for fans and provide a single platform for all needs. The GaurBot also provides information about the franchise through an interactive chat. By clicking on certain links within the chat application
, fans can access information about the players who are a part of their current roster. This is a one of a kind venture by the club and the unique interface will surely intrigue fans.
Speaking at its launch, FC Goa’s CEO Sukhvinder Singh said: “We are fortunate to have some of the most passionate fans in the country and our efforts are always aimed to give them the best possible experiences. The GaurBot is the beginning of a sustained effort on our part to give our fans a far more personal and interactive experience. The technology is an opportunity for the fan to have a far more meaningful engagement opportunity where they gets real time answers to the queries. The WriteOurWin campaign, as you will see in the coming weeks, is also aimed at taking them that one step closer to the team, where their messages of support will act a source of motivation for the team. Our fans are our greatest strength and we want to empower them in every possible way to showcase their love and support for the team.”
The GaurBot is accessible with the following link: https://www.messenger.com/t/fcgoaofficial/