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Genrobotics Expands R&D Facility to Technocity for Healthcare Robotics

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December 20, 2022

Genrobotic Innovations today opened a new research and development (R&D) centre at Technocity, Thiruvananthapuram, strengthening the company’s R&D for Healthcare products with special focus on developing healthcare robots.

Kerala Minister for Health and Family Welfare Veena George inaugurated the facility, which will facilitate the sharing of resources, best practices, and competence and create even more development opportunities in the field.

Research and development of various health care products will be the exclusive focus of the new centre of Genrobotics. This expansion will contribute hundreds of brand-new job opportunities in the sector.

Genrobotics, which began as a startup that has displayed innovation in solving different social issues, has emerged as one of the most impactful companies through various robotic solutions. It made a big impact by developing sewer-cleaning robot ‘Bandicoot’, which replaced manual scavenging. Bandicoot has been deployed in 17 states and three Union Territories across India.

Dr.Nitha J, Head of Department, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, KIMS Health and Genrobotics co-founders Vimal Govind M.K, Nikhil N.P, Rashid K, and Arun George were present on the occasion.

“We are on a journey of growth, and opening an office at such a location in Thiruvananthapuram will give us greater opportunities to attract new developments in this sector”, said Vimal Govind, who is also Director of Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd.

He said his team aims to make Thiruvananthapuram the world’s robotic capital, which was brought to light by Padma Shri, Sridhar Vembu during the inauguration of G-Gaiter.

Genrobotics has recently launched its new robotic gait trainer, ‘G-Gaiter,’ for the healthcare segment to aid faster recovery from gait disabilities. G-Gaiter aims to give the perfect solution to the problems with the traditional gait training method.

With these new developments, the company is pushing ahead a global business expansion venture, with initial advancement projects in India and the United Kingdom.

Dr.Nitha noted G-Gaiter’s AI-powered natural human gait pattern and rehabilitation functions can increase the consistency and quality of gait patterns. The functionality of the G-Gaiter enables medical professionals to creatively tailor therapy to each patient’s particular needs in order to assist them in Neurorehabilitation while also saving time and effort.

G-Gaiter was built with cutting-edge technology. G-AI-powered gaiter’s natural human gait pattern improves efficiency, increases the mobility, stability, and quality of patient’s walking training steps, and creatively tailors the therapy system to each patient’s unique needs. Professionals’ time will also be saved by deploying the robot, Dr.Nitha added.