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Kannur Native Kunjiahamed Returns after 15 Years with Legal Assistance

In Kerala
January 02, 2019

The legal team of Advocate Ali Ibrahim assisted Kannur native Kunjiahammad to return home after stuck 15 years with several legal issue in UAE.

Thazathekkil Kunjiahammad who first came to UAE in 1985 in his 33years age worked as a cook for Arabic family in Ajman. After 12 years of his work he started furniture business to fulfill his business ambition. The business was running in good condition until 2005, but the Global Economic Crisis in 2008 effected his furniture business badly and he suffered big financial loss due to it.

This resulted in loss in business and he had an outstanding loan of around Dh.208,000 and Dh.155,000 outstanding on credit card with two private banks in UAE , which resulted several legal issues against him. Subsequently his residency visa and passport were expired in 2009 and he has been living illegally in UAE since that time.

When his life was in worse condition, the UAE government announced amnesty scheme in September 2018. But he was unable to utilize the amnesty scheme due to legal issues and several cases. He approached the several advocates but all effort was unsuccessful due to bad financial conditions of Kunjiahammad. On such situation he approached the legal representative and social worker Salam Pappinisseri of Ali Ibrahim Advocates and Legal consultant, Sharjah office.

Salam Pappinisseri had taken seriously of the issue of Kunjiahammad and with the help of his free legal aid service scheme he found that Kunjiahmed has cases in Ajman, Dubai, and Sharjah courts. Pappinisseri, by his effort cleared the cases by fine without jailing Kunjiahammad .

‘’We approached the Indian consulate in Dubai after the cases were cleared and they were very efficient in issuing an emergency certificate, similar to passport, within 20 hours, so he could exit the country’’ Pappinisseri said.

‘’Am so thankful to the UAE government, consulate of India in UAE and legal representative Salam Pappinisseri who made effort and
helped with his free legal aid scheme, and I am very happy to reunite with my family’’ Kunjiahmed said.