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Launch of ‘It’s a Girl: Dialogues with a Princess’

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July 11, 2017

July is an extraordinary month for avid readers as ‘It’s a Girl: Dialogues with a Princess’ is set to launch on 15th July 2017 at Gym and Tonic, Campal, Goa. The book penned by Dr Mehnaaz Nadiadwala has beautifully compiled sensitive issues that women face. The novel revolves around the concept of an unborn child conversing with the mother, debating on whether it should be born or not as those who chose to see the world have a lot of struggles to face as a girl and then as a woman. The novel addresses sensitive issues that women face such as abortion, illiteracy, stalking, marital rape, human trafficking, alpha woman, to name a few.
Author of the book, Dr Mehnaaz Nadiadwala was born and raised in one of the top families of Bollywood as the daughter of A. G. Nadiadwala who started the Nadiadwala film productions. A doctorate in strategic management with a specialization in cultural and global issues has caused her to pen down the novel ‘It’s a Girl: Dialogues with a Princess’ which is based on women’s issues. Coming from a background of film producers, she plans to create a feature film based on the novel. A down-to-earth and warm-hearted personality, Dr Mehnaaz had lead fundraisers for various causes like heart surgery, children with HIV and women with breast cancer.
She has received several awards including the Mother Teresa Award in 2016 from the Governor of Sikkim, Chaudhary Randhir Singh, for her contribution in social services and education toward the less fortunate.
Dr Mehnaaz has partnered with celebrity nutritionist and dietician Shwetha Bhatia who is now based in Goa. The partnership aims to empower women through nutrition and exercise plans, which is a step ahead of the book. Shwetha is also a competitive fitness athlete, having won Bronze medals at the State & National Bodybuilding Championships 2015. Her passion for fitness has led her to start her own Fitness & Nutrition Centre in Panjim, Goa called Gym & Tonic. The book will be available exclusively at Gym and Tonic, Panjim, Goa and the proceeds from it will go solely towards the upliftment of women in distress and child development.
This initiative taken up by Dr Mehnaaz and Shweta is a holistic approach to address the health issues of women. Apart from nutrition and exercise plans; workshops will be conducted for women by Dr Mehnaaz for image and confidence building.
On the occasion of the book launch there will be a panel discussion which will be held at Gym and Tonic, Campal, Goa on 15th July. The panel discussion will cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, and psychological issues concerning women. Expert panellist include Mehnaaz Nadiadwala, author of ‘It’s a Girl: Dialogue with a Princess’, Shwetha Bhatia, Nutritionist and Owner of Gym and Tonic; and Amita Quenim, Clinical Psychologist, Healthy Mind Counselling Clinic.
Synopsis of the novel: ‘It’s a Girl: Dialogues with a Princess’
Alpha women are not born; they are made! For them, age is just a number.
The society, their personal experiences and the will to never die, makes them alpha women.
They are confident, majestic leaders and believe in no game playing.
They believe in an equal or superior position to men.
They tap their weaknesses to convert it to their strengths.
She makes a posthumous mark on society and the world. In other words, alpha women make an imprint on life.
It’s not a difficult task to be one of them. One just has to make up their minds, and the journey starts!
Be the prototype for the woman in the future. Be an alpha woman!