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N. D. Mahanor Honored Nilesh Sambare for the “Deepstambha Karmaveer Award”

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March 30, 2019

A dreamer who wants to be great, but only with respect to the soil, who also strives and works hard for the welfare and development of the deprived sections of society, so that every society should live life with joy is none other than Founder and president of Jijau Educational Social Society Nilesh Bhagwan Sambare.

The birth of this accomplished person with a hard-working personality took place in the upstream area like Vikramgad (Palghar), in a farmer’s family. He completed his education in extremely harrowing circumstances. While completing his education he witnessed poverty very closely, so he pledged for standing up for the welfare of the people, and to implement this 8 years ago he started the “Jijau Educational and Social Society” to fulfill the dream of “social, educational, health” and other activities of the needy.

By starting a residential school at Zadpoli for visually impaired and differentially able children, Nilesh Sambare wanted to bring these children in the mainstream society. He started Bhavnadevi Bhagwan Sambare international CBSE School and Special Science Branch College so that the children of the poor and farmers get quality education free of cost.

In order to make the students in rural areas officer’s he set up Competitive Examination Centers at Zadpoli and opened free UPSC / MPSC and Competitive Examination Library at around 22 places. It has benefited 2,000 students from rural areas. 150 students from Zadpoli and 30 students from Pune are taking guidance through the organization in UPSC / MPSC and competitive examinations.

More than 15 students have joined the government service in the state tax inspectors, agricultural servants, ministry assistant office officers, etc. Initially, Jijau Sports Academy and Police Recruitment and Military Recruitment Academy started supporting students and sportspersons. In a year, 13 students have joined the police force.

Bhagwan Mahadev Sambare Hospital was started with the aim of not keeping any patients in rural areas deprived of the help of providing relief to all the patients. In order to ensure the health check-up of all the people of rural areas, they have organized 150 medical facilities in the rural areas and provided free treatment to lakhs of community members and about 15 Thousands of patients were administered. 150 patients were treated with incurable diseases like cancer. 1300 females have been provided with breast cancer preventive injections.

By emphasizing the significance of blood donation, every year, on January 12, on the occasion of Rajmata Jijau and Swami Vivekanand’s birth anniversary, blood donation camps are organized in all the UPSC / MPSC libraries. In the year 2019, 2251 youths donated blood and in 2018, 4857 blood transfusions have been provided to help many casualties.

Every year, 100 poor and needy students are being funded by the Educational Financial Assistance. Every year, 100 poor patients are being provided by the Financial Assistance from Organization for the treatment. About 10 lakh books for school children are being distributed every year. Moreover, more than 35 thousand women were organized under the Jijau Women Empowerment Department, and maximum women were given jobs through Asha Home Industry. In the same way, on one platform more than 35 thousand women have been honored with the gratification ceremony. Sambare started various activities like this through Jijau organization.

On the basis of all activities of Jijau organization, on behalf of “Deepastambha Foundation, Jalgaon”, “Deepastambha Karmaveer Award” for the year 2019 was awarded to Nilesh Sambare by N.D.Mahanor (senior literary) in the presence of prominent dignitaries. While expressing his thoughts on this event, “I will always be with Yajurveda Mahajan for the upbringing of the orphans and in future, no differently able child will remain orphan in Maharashtra, we will always be ready to take responsibility for their parental responsibility. I will always work for the welfare of the people selflessly; “Deepastambha Karmaveer Award” is not my alone but is of all members of Jijau family who have worked hard.” said Nilesh Sambare.