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NCP Youth Leaders ”Rescue” 4 Missing MLAs from Haryana

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November 25, 2019


In a huge relief to the Nationalist Congress Party, four of its “missing” legislators were rescued from a hotel they were confined in Haryana”s Gurugram, a party office-bearer said here on Monday.

The legislators are: Narhari Zirwal (Dindori), Anil Patil (Amalner), Daulat Daroda (Shahapur) and Babasaheb Patil (Ahmadpur), whose identity is not yet available.

“The daring rescue operation was carried out by our local NCP leaders Dhiraj Sharma and Sonia Duhana They found that our legislators had been trapped in a hotel there, and got into the act. They have been brought back to Mumbai before the trust vote in the legislature,” NCP National Spokesperson Nawab Malik said.

Sharma said that the four wanted to stay with Sharad Pawar and take part in the Maharashtra assembly proceedings due to begin this week in Mumbai after the sensational political developments since Saturday. However, state party leaders say it is not yet clear how the four MLAs landed in Haryana, who took them or when, but all this would be thoroughly enquired by the party.

With this, the NCP now claims it has the support of around 52 of the total 54 legislators, as the party gears up to tackle the challenge of forming the government with Shiv Sena and Congress. Earlier today, the three parties submitted a letter with at least 160 signatures addressed to Governor B.S. Koshyari, staking claim to form the government since it had the majority.