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Nebula by Titan Presents Nakashi – 18 K Solid Gold Watches

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October 28, 2019

Nebula presents five exquisite watches in the Nakashi Collection. Nakashi, inspired by elements of Temple Architecture, blends the fine craftsmanship of Watch-making with India’s rich heritage in Jewellery making.

This collection uses traditional Gold floral stamping techniques as well as Nakashi, Filigree and Rawa Gold workmanship, to create patterns that blend an old-world charm with sophisticated design and stunning antique-finish watches.

The exquisite 18 K Gold bracelets, inspired by architectural elements in temples, feature Domes, Pillars, Floral and Chakra patterns. These patterns are complemented by Gold craftsmanship techniques, Nakashi, Filigree and Rawa detailing. Each link of the bracelet is held together with an exquisite Gold hinge that lends the watch a timeless, heritage look.

These watches feature elegant Mother-of-Pearl dials and Diamonds on the case.
1. Aanya- Unyielding strength:
A flourish of distinct floral motifs adorn the bracelet, featuring Gold Stamping techniques. The finesse of the Gold Rawa detailing around every bracelet link adds to Aanya’s unyielding charm.

2. Aadya- The beginning of time:
Inspired by the timeless designs of temple arches and pillars, Aadya features intricate Filigree detailing around each dome-shaped bracelet link, flourished with Gold Rawa detailing along fine lines of Filigree.

3. Akshara- Letters of devotion:
Akshara weaves a tale of time, with a bracelet inspired by mystical Chakra and floral patterns in an exquisite antique solid Gold.

4. Atulya- The Unparalleled:
Fine 18K Gold threads are pulled into wires that form captivating concentric circles that are an ode to the Chakra.

5. Aeshana- An ardent desire:
Inspired by floral patterns on Temple walls, each motif is repeated in unique hexagonal patterned links that are encircled with exquisite Gold Rawa detailing.

These master crafted pieces are a perfect addition to your festive ensemble and a thoughtful gift for the lovers of everything gold. The Nakashi collection is available in the price range starting Rs 2.3 Lakhs. These watches are currently available with a festive offer of Up To 20% for a limited period.