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“Never Give Up” Are The Words Class 10 Topper Vazeela Swears By

In Kerala
October 23, 2020

Vazeela S from Trivandrum achieved success at Kerala state Board Exam through her unrelenting struggle and hard work. A class 10, BYJU’S student, from Cotton Hill High School, she credits her achievement of scoring the highest A+ grade and 96% in 10 th exams to her positive attitude and never-give-up spirit.

Aspiring to serve her country as an IAS officer, Vazeela met with an accident and suffered terrible injury in both her legs ahead of her board exams. Despite being treated close to a month in the hospital under supervision, Vazeela’s entire study routine was thrown off by this unfortunate incident. Showing remarkable strength, Vazeela decided that she would not give up and persevered with her studies.

Tackling difficulties as a true fighter, Vazeela with the help from her school teachers started attempting to catch up with her subjects. But due to her condition, she still wasn’t able to attend any classes. That’s when she found a solution in BYJU’S – The Learning App.

Vazeela found BYJU’S tablet very helpful and started learning through interactive videos while recovering from her injury during her time in the hospital. She recounts how her ‘Never give up’ attitude and BYJU’S helped her in a time of need. “I never thought ‘I couldn’t’, says Vazeela.

“Both studying and writing exams were difficult for me, but I never gave up. Only you know your strength so always have faith in yourself, love yourself, and don’t give up. I would like to thank all the teachers at BYJU’S who kept me motivated to learn despite the pain I was experiencing. I remember the learning app kept me engrossed and helped stay on course towards my goal” These pearls of wisdom shared by Vazeela are far beyond what one expects from a 15-year-old. Her passion towards education, formidable combination of resilience and the drive for academic excellence will encourage many others to persevere towards success.