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Playback Singer Chitra Arun Takes Patients on a Melodious Journey

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October 11, 2017

Playback singer Chitra Arun transported the patients at the Government General hospital here into an oasis of melodious serenity as she meticulously rendered one song after the other in an incessant rhapsody at the weekly ‘Arts and Medicine’ show today.
The 190 th episode of the all-Wednesday programme, organised by the Kochi Biennale Foundation (KBF) at the hospital, unfolded with Chitra’s harmonious number, ‘Mohamkondu Njaan’ from the movie Shesham Kaazhchayil (1983). The songs, ‘Ponnurukum Pookalam’, ‘Thane Thirinjum Marinjum’, and ‘Priyathama Priyathama’ set the tone and tenor for the programme. A medley of 13 songs was sung for the solace of patients at the lawns of the
Chitra has made a mark for herself in the field of music by developing a distinct style of singing of devotional songs. She has sung in a handful of Malayalam movies which include Rani Padmini and Romeo Juliet. The vocalist, with great control over her voice and a lot of feeling in her singing, mesmerized the crowd comprising patients, bystanders and medical staff who supported her with an enthusiastic applause.
“It is only through continuous rehearsals and practice that one becomes confident in giving performances. This is a unique stage and a crowd with instant response on individual faces; to read the happiness writ large on their faces is more valuable than any material reward,” she said.
Dr. Sherrin Jos, a pathologist from UK Burmingham, also sang two songs, much to the amusement of the crowd.
An exhibition of drawings by Dr Keerthi Jerom was inaugurated by musician Bijibal at the General hospital Art Gallery as part of the programme.
Arts and Medicine programme, a joint initiative of the KBF and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra, is sponsored by CAFS (Casino Air Caterers & Flight Services). It aims at providing solace to patients through live music performances which draw a fair crowd of music lovers every week.