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Q TV from Flowers Family: a Complete Package of Entertainment and Knowledge

In Entertainment
January 25, 2021

With the advent of social media, a notable change to our entertainment industry, was the increase in sheer number of entertainment platforms and content in all languages.

This was a result of the increasing demand for entertainment content and also due to the ease of producing and distributing content over a large audience with very less cost. However, on the down side, since there is a flooding of entertaining content in our fingertips, informative and educational content has not seen such an increase in number. Information, at this day and age should be provided in an entertaining way, creating the word, “infotainment”. Q TV is such an infotainment platform which provides information to the audience wrapped in an entertaining video or content.

Q TV, by Insight Media City, the parent company of Flowers, the channel which ensures consistently grabs eyeballs of worldwide Malayalee audience with vibrant entertaining contents and 24 News, the news channel which got widespread recognition within a short span of time since launch for bringing honest news contents with the help of most modern technologies like VR and AR. Q TV is the first Malayalam infotainment digital platform by Insight Media City.

Q TV presents each programs intertwined with knowledge and entertainment. One of it’s programs, “Today in History” introduces 5 specialties of that day in history everyday with audience. The simple and elegant presentation style of Today in History is creating an increasing number of loyal fans in the digital space.

“Chayayum charchayum” is the first webseries from Q TV and it is quite different from typical Malayalam web series in the present era. The webseries is set in the context of a rural tea shop with the characters appearing in the tea shop and discussing about several topics in a fun way, as seen in actual rural tea shops in Kerala, and each episode provides the audience with a key piece of information or fact, unknown to many. The enchanting acting prowess of the actors and the fun script makes the series a must watch Malayalam Web Series.