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Re-opening of RSC’s Football Turf & Athletic Track

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November 19, 2018

The re-opening of RSC’s United India Insurance Artificial Turf & Synthetic Track is scheduled on Monday, the 19th Nov. 20LB at 6 pm. It will be jointly thrown open to the members and public by K. Mohammed Y. Safirulla, District Collector, Ernakulam & Chairman, RSC along with M.P. Dinesh, Commissioner of Police, Kochi City & President, RSC.

Polytan GmbH, Germany in association with Converge Sports Infra (OPCJ Pvt Ltd. has installed “IAAF” approved Rekortan M Synthetic Atheletic Track System & FIFA Approv ed Ligaturf RS+ CoolplusWorld Cup Edition Football Turf with Schmitz Propllay Shockpad at Regional Sports Centre, Cochin. Since there were undulations on the track in three places due to the branches of the nearby trees running across the track two feet trench was dug all around the outer side of the track and they were reinforced with RCC so that the branches of the nearby trees can never cross the track from underneath. With the renovation worh the total cost of the turf & track imported from Polytan, Germany, including perimeter fencing of 8 ft. height around the football turf and the perimeter fencing of 30 ft. height around the whole ground came to Rs.1.95 crores.

This is the only perishable infrastructure of RSC. The track has to be replaced compulsorily every eight years since due to rain and sunshine, it will get brittle. The turf will last longer depending on the regular maintenance given for the same. It has grass that is 6 cms. long. It is filled with sand and imported rubber granules at the rate of 2.5 cms. each. Thereafter, only 1 cm. of grass will be seen outside. The added comfort, this time, is the shock pads of 2.3 mm that is laid below the artificial turf. This is a FIFA requirement for perfect bouncing of the ball. The cost of the shock pads alone comes to around Rs.30 lakhs that is included in the total cost of Rs.1-.95 crores.

RSC’s artificial turf & synthetic track was initially installed in the year 201″1 and it was Kerala’s First Artificial Turf & Synthetic Track  United India Insurance Co. are the main sponsors and it was named after them. The total cost in 2011 was Rs.1.25 crores.

With the IAAF approved Synthetic Track and FIFA approved Football Turf RSC’s infrastructure gets another boost. RSC has matched up to the ISO 9001:2015 certification given by Quality Management System, United Kingdom.