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Ricoh India Launches RicohDocs Community Version

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September 21, 2017

Ricoh India Ltd., a leader in the field of Imaging Solutions and IT Services, today announced the launch of RicohDocs Community Version (RCV), which is based on the latest version of RicohDocs 3.0.
RicohDocs is an office automation platform that enables organisations to manage the data they are generating as well as helps in automating repetitive business processes thus allowing in increasing their efficiency. With its class leading security protocols,modular design approach and rich user experience, RicohDocs 3.0 is a critical asset for any organization which is looking to lessen its risk and at the same time reduce its operational expenditures.
Ricoh Community Version, with an easy to user interface, is a cloud based solution which provides users with a single user license of RicohDocs with a 2 GB storage and limited set of features as compared to RicohDocs 3.0, mainly helping users to centralize the management, storage, retrieval & distribution of their documents.Given that this is cloud based solution, users have the additional flexibility to access their files from anywhere.Some of the features of RCV are online file previewer, private personal calendar for personal events and appointments, document version control features, ability to securely share documents with others, etc.
Commenting on the launch, Yuki Uchida, VP & CMO, Ricoh India Ltd. said,“With RicohDocs Community Version our endeavour is to take RicohDocs to small entrepreneurs, professionalsas well as individuals who are grappling to manage their documents. RCV ensures that these set of users also experience the features and functionalitiesof a solution that typically only large enterprises have access to. Also, one of the biggest attraction for RicohDocs Community Version is that users get to experience the new RicohDocs with zero outlay.”
Although RicohDocs Community Version is a free to use solutions, the users have the flexibility to upgrade their Ricoh Community Version account (or a collection of RCV accounts) by paying the requisite license fees to take advantage of the collaboration and workflow features of RicohDocs.