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Schutzen Chemical Group Launches “Nature Safe Denim Process”

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November 24, 2020

SCHUTZEN Chemical Group, the leading diversified specialty chemical manufacturer has announced the launch of its sustainable Denim Process which replaces Indigo & Sulfur Dyes Eliminates the need for hydrosulfite and provides substantial reduction in dye boxes and eventual reduction in water consumption without installation of any new machinery.

“Nature Safe Denim Process by SCHUTZEN is based on a biodegradable polymeric ready to use Liquor solution which allows the Warp Beams yarn Or Open width fabrics to be dyed/printed or Coated using Pigments, natural dyes or Reactive Dyestuff instead of Indigo Or Sulfur. The application is possible by rope dyeing, Coating Or Printing”
With the elimination of Indigo & Sulfur to dye the Warp Beams in Rope dyeing/Coating or Padding there is no need to reduce the indigo to its leuco form using hazardous chemicals like sodium hydrosulfite.

Something remarkable unique about this process is that earlier, It was not possible to get a wash down effect after the dyeing /printing or coating using Pigments or reactive dyes.

Generally, Reactive Dyes exhibit very good fastness and it is not possible to washdown however, With the “Nature Safe Denim Process” it is possible to obtain a wash down effect with reactive dyes as well as pigments and continue with conventional and approved wash down processes such as enzyme wash to obtain wash down effects with this process. This is a big advantage as it doesn’t require any change or education to the washing units established in the supply chain.