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Schutzen Chemical Group Launches Schutzen Ethanol IP Surface Disinfectant Spray

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December 08, 2020

The world is witnessing a crisis like never before in the form of COVID-19 pandemic. This in turn has underscored the importance of appropriate hygiene measures. Schutzen being a responsible & sustainable company has launched “Schutzen Ethanol IP Surface Disinfectant Spray”. It is a multipurpose disinfectant for eliminating deadly germs. It’s a ready to use spray and can be used on all surfaces like tables, chairs, door handle and frequently touched items.

Schutzen Ethanol IP Surface Disinfectant Spray is an easy to use spray and kills almost 99.99 % germs and leaves behind a pleasant & fresh smell.

The key features include:
· A versatile spray which disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step
· It can be used on both hard and soft surface
· It is easy to use and kills 99.99% germs on all frequently touched items
· Triple protection against virus, bacteria and germs

Speaking on the launch of the product, Raj Tanna, Founder & Director, Schutzen Chemical Group said “It is important to disinfectant homes and day to day items that we come in contact with to protect and maintain the health and hygiene of our loved ones. Ethanol IP is a zero-contact spray and does not need to be wiped down after spraying. It’s a ready to use spray that can applied on high risk & high touch areas. As a result, this will help in protection against the germs and virus”