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SpiceJet ties-up with Om Logistics for Seamless Delivery of Covid-19 Vaccine

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December 11, 2020

SpiceJet, in its endeavour to provide seamless end-to-end cold chain solutions for Covid-19 vaccine delivery, has partnered with Om Logistics Limited, one of the largest logistics companies in India. The two Companies have joined hands with the intent to effectively carry out the herculean task of transporting temperature-sensitive COVID–19 vaccine.

This strategic partnership aims to not only provide a speedy, seamless and reliable solution for COVID-19 vaccine movement and delivery but, to also create a sustainable cold chain network both, domestically and internationally.

As a part of the association, Om Logistics Ltd. will provide SpiceJet with the refrigerated trucks to cover the first mile and the last mile across length and breadth of the country. SpiceJet will provide the necessary air support to carry COVID–19 vaccines pan India and internationally in a temperature controlled environment.

With a network spanning 54 domestic and 45 international destinations and a fleet of 17 cargo planes, SpiceXpress is capable of flying over 500 tonnes of cargo per day to both domestic and a wide list of international destinations. The airline has also tied up with global leaders in cold chain solutions offering active and passive packaging with dedicated equipment to perform seamless cold chain operations and is ready for the enormous task of distributing sensitive goods both domestically and internationally including Covid-19 vaccines that require stringent transportation conditions.

Om Logistics Ltd’s international presence with its 1,200 offices world-wide and ability to cater to more than 19,000 pin codes in India will further boost SpiceJet’s strength.

Ever since the lockdown began, SpiceJet and its cargo arm, SpiceXpress, have played a critical role and worked relentlessly to ensure that the country’s supply chain remained intact. The airline has helped in the transportation of vital goods and medical supplies to all corners of India and the world.

SpiceXpress recently introduced a new specialized service called Spice Pharma Pro, which has the capability to transport extremely sensitive drugs, vaccines blood samples and medicines in controlled temperatures ranging from -40°c to +25°c.

Besides, the airline also offers a plethora of other benefits such as a network of warehouses equipped with deep freezers to enable change of cool packs and ground vehicles and containers to help transport sensitive cargo.