Comorbidity a Prime Risk to Watch Out in COVID Times

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The risk of death from COVID-19 significantly increases in people with comorbidities. At least.

Pancreatic, Colorectal Cancer up 10% in 30 Years: Study

MADRID: Global death rates for pancreatic cancer and incidence rates for colorectal cancer both increased.

This Diabetes Drug Cuts Heart Failure Risk by 34%

LONDON: The new type of drugs for type 2 diabetes — SGLT2 inhibitors — are.

Scientists Develop Wearable Sensors to Detect Sweat Rate

WASHINGTON: The US scientists have developed a kind of wearable skin sensors that can detect.

Study Discovers how Diabetes Leads to Vascular Disease

WASHINGTON: A team of scientists and physicians identified a cellular connection between diabetes and one.

Insulin Tea Powder to Tackle Rising Incidence of Type-2 Diabetes

MUMBAI: Ayura Origins, a Gour Agro Products Pvt. Ltd brand, launched its first, indigenously developed.

Diabetes Patients need to Manage Risks while Fasting during Ramzan, say Experts

NEW DELHI: Ramzan, the month of fasting in Islam, began Tuesday and health experts have.

Global Wellness Rankings: Smaller Countries Are Becoming the Healthiest

There’s more to life than money, and economists know it. As new assessments of global.

Vitamin B Can Boost Kidney Function in Child Diabetics

Vitamin B supplements may protect kidney function in children and adolescents with type-1 diabetes, suggests.

Processed Food and Toxic Medications the Key Causes of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an increasingly common problem, but are Big Pharma’s drugs part of.