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Tangentia Acquires Cycloides and Commits to Creating over 100 Job Opportunities in 2021

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September 10, 2021

Tangentia, a leading global digital transformation company headquartered in Canada and with a presence in Goa, India recently signed an agreement for the acquisition of Cycloides Technologies in Kerala, India and Cycloides Inc. Canada. Bringing Cycloides into the Tangentia fold nearly doubles the team strength of Tangentia to enable new ideas to flourish while gaining new capabilities for off-shore product development and client delivery centers. Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia says “We are committed to investing and expanding to multiple states in India to truly have a pan-India presence to not only support our global customer base but to also support our ever-growing base of customers in India”. In addition to the newly combined team strength, Tangentia is planning to generate over 100 new career opportunities globally.

Cycloides is the first Kerala-based IT company to have a contract with BMW Canada, Tune Protect (Air Asia subsidiary), Hospital Corporation of America(HCA), and many others. Cycloides created HCA’s world’s first Mobile Heartbeat development center and has also won other strategic contracts with H&R Block, CTS and Hitachi.

Through its local presence in Canada, India and USA, Tangentia has been able to provide its customers with a “Think Global, Act Local” delivery model. Tangentia now boasts of 1000+ customers worldwide which include 13 Fortune 500 customers in 30+ countries. Tangentia proprietary platforms like Tangentia Gateway and TiA(Tangentia Intelligent Automation) manage transactions worth more than 10 Billion USD worldwide every year, which include processing B2B transactions for India’s largest retailer, the largest appliance manufacturer in the world and the largest beverage alcohol distributor in the world.

The merger comes with the promise of a better tomorrow for all the stakeholders. “Our merger with Tangentia is a fantastic match of an entrepreneurial mindset and complementary skill sets. With this acquisition, the employees, clients and partners of Cycloides will be part of a bigger network of operations and can access world-leading Tangentia solutions around Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and B2B,” says Anil A R, former CEO of Cycloides and SVP, Strategic growth at Tangentia.

The company’s presence across India has opened up job opportunities for aspiring candidates, who want to transform and contribute to the ever-changing dynamics of technology. This again isn’t only restricted to Kerala or Goa or India but the whole world, further expanding and strengthening ties between India and Canada through employment.

This year, Tangentia is on a mission to ‘Take the Paper out of Paperwork’, which is strongly highlighted in their latest #PaperOutOfPaperwork brand campaign urging businesses to do away with tedious paper processes and switch to automation to foster business growth. The pandemic has forced organizations to go digital which is quickly becoming the new normal. Against this backdrop, #PaperOutOfPaperwork strives to educate businesses about the use of automation in business operations such as saving time, money and resources, while increasing productivity and growth all by reducing the use of paper processes. Tangentia’s acquisition of Cycloides will accelerate the mission to automate, innovate and make an impact.