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Tata AIA Life Insurance Launches Fortune Guarantee Pension

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February 26, 2022

Tata AIA Life Insurance (Tata AIA Life), one of India’s leading Life Insurance Companies, launched Tata AIA Life Fortune Guarantee Pension, a flexible annuity (guaranteed income for life) solution offering multiple tailor-made guaranteed income options. Fortune Guarantee Pension aims to help consumers bridge the gap in terms of adequate retirement planning and income, gain financial freedom, and lead a carefree life by encouraging savings from an early age for yourself and your spouse.

Ensuring a comfortable lifestyle throughout one’s life, especially at retirement, is an often-neglected priority in financial planning. In a recent report by the World Economic Forum, the size of the retirement savings gap in India is expected to touch USD 85 trillion by 2050. Fortune Guarantee Pension is positioned on the premise of “Raho Befikr, Aaj ho Ya Kal” thereby allowing the customer to live without worries all through life. The product is suitable for a diverse set of customers, including the married, women and individuals wanting to seriously consider saving to maintain their current lifestyles for the future. It is also apt for SME customers who need to ensure a security net for themselves in their life.

Key product benefits include –
Immediate Life Annuity: Fortune Guarantee Pension offers immediate annuity payouts as per the chosen frequency during the annuitant’s lifespan. It also offers Immediate Life Annuity with Return of Purchase Price, wherein the amount paid at the time of purchase is paid back as a death benefit. Option of Guaranteed Additions: Guaranteed Additions are accumulated at the end of every policy month during the Deferment Period

Option of choosing annuity in advance: This option allows you to avail the annual annuity payout in advance

Avail loan against policy: You can get a loan on the policy, six months after the policy’s commencement. Under Joint Life option, you can take a loan which the secondary annuitant can avail in case of your death.

Joint Life Options: Wherein the Primary Annuitant is the person entitled to receive the Annuity Payouts. Secondary Annuitants (spouse/ child/ parent/ parent-in-law or sibling) are entitled to receive the Annuity Payouts in the event of death of the Primary Annuitant, as applicable.

Commenting on the launch, Samit Upadhyay, Chief Financial Officer, Tata AIA Life Insurance, said, “In the absence of a formal social security system in India, there is an urgent need to expand the influence of protection- income and health – to ensure against a fall in living standards through exigencies that may arise. There are 44% households in India with a protection gap of over 90% in terms of their long-term protection needs. Annuity products that offer guaranteed income for life can help navigate this existent gap with the required security. Through Fortune Guarantee Pension, we endeavour to help our customers save adequately as early as possible before retirement, ensuring stable income and maintaining of their lifestyle and aspirations in the present and the future.”

The plan is an ideal solution for consumers seeking a suitable and secured retirement income, and for retired consumers who want to increase their retirement kitty by investing any surplus funds into a guaranteed life insurance solution, can take advantage of Fortune Guarantee Pension. The product offers attractive returns. For example in the Deferred Life Annuity (GA-I) and with Return of Purchase Price, when a 45-year old male annuitant pays an annual premium of Rs. 5 lakhs for seven years, he would start receiving an annuity income of Rs. 254,450 per annum from the 8 th year till the time he is alive. Thus, he ensures an annual income of 7.27% of the total premiums paid. In case of the annuitant’s death, the nominee is also entitled to receive Death Benefit.

The product offers an equally attractive proposition for the Deferred Life Annuity (GA-II) and with Return of Purchase Price. When a 50-year old individual invests an annual premium of Rs. 5 lakhs for ten years when still employed, they would start receiving an annuity income of Rs.35,000 per month / Rs. 4 lakhs per annum on reaching the age of retirement. Again, like in the previous instance, upon the annuitant’s death, the total premiums paid would be returned to his nominee. In the Joint Life option, when a 48-year old husband and 45- year old wife invest Rs. 2 lakhs for 12 years, they will get a guaranteed annual annuity of Rs. 2,07,240 for life. Upon their death, their nominee would receive Rs. 24 lakhs.