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Tata Consumer Products Strengthens Beverages Wellness Portfolio

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January 13, 2021

Tata Consumer Products is strengthening its wellness portfolio in the packaged beverages category to cater to consumer needs. It has introduced two new products –TATA Tea Tulsi Green and TATA Tea Gold Care, and reformulated its existing Tetley Green Tea with added Vitamin C. These new offerings are developed with beneficial ingredients that are known to help improve the body’s immunity and enhance overall wellness.

Tata Tea, Desh Ki Chai has a rich heritage of over 30 years and is known for catering to the local tastes & preferences in various geographies. The 2 new product offerings combine the refreshment of everyday tea with the goodness of Indian herbs which are known for their health benefits: TATA Tea Gold Care is infused with a medley of five native ingredients that provide wholesome goodness in every cup and promote wellbeing. It packs the goodness of immunity boosting ingredient Tulsi and other native ingredients Ginger, Cardamom, Mulethi & Brahmi that not only make for a perfect cup of masala tea but also are known to provide specific health benefits.

TATA Tea Tulsi Green is a blend of green tea and real tulsi leaves. Tulsi is traditionally known to boost immunity and green tea is known for its multiple health benefits. These two were brought together to create a product that tastes and feels good. The blend has been crafted keeping in mind the preference of consumers to use native ingredients along with home-made mixtures in their regular cup of tea. The promise of the brand is ‘Tulsi wali immunity, ab tasty bhi’. This has become even more relevant in current times when consumers are increasingly valuing authentic ingredients in food and beverage products without a compromise on taste.

Tetley, the 2nd largest tea brand globally, has an offering Tetley Green tea, which is the second biggest green tea brand in India. Tetley Green Tea is an excellent source of antioxidants that are known to have various beneficial effects on health. Now, Tetley green tea bag range in India has been reformulated with added Vitamin C and is relaunched as Tetley Green Tea Immune. Hence, Tetley Green Tea Immune has all the goodness of antioxidants rich green tea and added vitamin C, that helps support Immune system. Tetley Green Tea Immune is available in four exciting variants, (Classic, Lemon & Honey, Ginger Mint & Lemon and Mango variant), to ensure rejuvenation in every sip.

Sushant Dash, President, Packaged Beverages (India, Bangladesh and Middle East), Tata Consumer Products Limited said “We are enhancing wellness offerings in our beverage portfolio with the launch of two exciting variants in our Tata Tea brand- Tata Tea Gold Care and Tata Tea Tulsi Green and the re-launch of Tetley Green Tea Immune. The pandemic has seen consumers showing a significant preference for trusted health and wellness products. Tata Tea and Tetley are reputed
brands in the tea segment and our new offerings will give consumers great quality teas along with the added benefits of these natural ingredients and Vitamin C. Consumers can also buy these variants from the convenience of their homes, through e-commerce platforms. We will continue to invest in our brands and innovate to create quality and distinctive products for our consumers.”