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Tata Motors Launch of New Generation Prima and Ultra Trucks in Kuwait

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December 24, 2019

Tata Motors, one of the world’s leading automobile brands officially launched its new generation range of Prima and Ultra trucks in Kuwait, specially designed to meet the changing customer needs.

The world smart Tata Prima with its power, sustainable speed, safety and reliability, best-in-class, aggregates, cabin features and comfort, is designed for long-distance/ hours of transportation. While, the Tata Ultra offers faster turnaround time and enhanced profitability for any goods carrying business, making it an ideal business utility vehicle partner for movement of materials across distances.

The launch of the new products come in line with the successful delivery by Tata Motors for orders from Waste Management and Cleaning Companies operating for the Kuwait Municipality. Tata Motors bagged the contracts that includes the use of its new generation Prima and Ultra trucks for municipality cleaning projects for the next 5 years.

Tata Motors emerged as the single largest OEM to supply trucks spanning the heavy, medium and light categories for various applications for usage by the cleaning companies in the Kuwait municipality. The quality of the trucks, and the strong service footprint, makes it the perfect partner to support the Kuwaiti government’s drive for modern and efficient civic infrastructure development. It is also the largest single order of Tata Prima trucks and is thereby setting new benchmarks for performance and success in international markets.

Speaking on the occasion, Rudrarup Maitra, Head – International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors Ltd. said, “Tata Motors is a well-known brand in Kuwait. With our new range of future ready products, we will continue to play an active role in the commercial vehicles industry and work closely with our customers here to develop and bring world class products and solutions catering to varied needs of the country.

The recent order is reflective of our commitment to be an integral participant in the international landscape as well. The vehicles will help boost brand visibility for Tata Motors. Further we hope to continue our long and rewarding partnership with the Waste Management and Cleaning companies operating in the Kuwait Municipality. We also conducted training workshops for the technicians and drivers to familiarize them with the vehicles, to have better drivability and performance.

Having been extensively tested to confirm with global standards, the next-generation range of Tata PRIMA commercial vehicles boasts world renowned aggregates and build quality, higher emission norms, comfort with driving dynamics, optimized drivelines and continues to offer advantages of a Tata Motors commercial vehicle of lowest total cost of ownership.

The Tata ULTRA comes with superior performance, a comfortable walk-through cabin, new generation driveline with optimized aggregates for higher performance and multiple load-body configurations, offering customers the advantage of increased productivity and longer life. It gives value for money and durability with TAT (Turnaround Time) hence ensuring lowest cost of operations.

We are confident that through our trusted partnership with Al Zayani Company, we will be successful in establishing a long-term relationship with our customers.”

Nail Alzayani, Managing Director, Al Zayani Group said “The new next-generation range of commercial vehicles by Tata Motors, the Tata Prima & Tata Ultra brand are shaped by technology, and is in every sense, giving GCC customers competitive business advantages, with the trusted credentials of the Tata Motors brand. We cherish our partnership with Tata Motors and are geared to deliver a blend of high quality and unique value to our customers in Kuwait”.

The World-Smart Truck – Tata Prima
Being developed with Tata Motors subsidiary – Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles (TDCV), Tata Motors conceived the award winning Tata PRIMA range, setting new benchmarks in the performance and design of a next-generation commercial vehicle, based on superior technology, optimum power, fuel efficiency and safety.

Built with technical inputs from across the world, the Tata PRIMA is based on an Italian cab design, engine technology from the US and Europe, gearbox expertise from Germany, chassis frame know-how from Mexico, sheet metal dies from Japan and Korea, combining Swedish precision on a robotic weld line, hence is also referred to as the ‘World Smart Truck’ by Tata Motors.

TATA PRIMA 3428.T Rigid Truck– A powerful truck from Tata Motors next-gen Prima – The World Smart Truck range, which delivers high performance in terms of power and offers advanced features, making it suitable for all kind of terrains. Tata Prima built on a global platform sourcing its driveline aggregates from the best of trucking nations – Engine technology from USA, Gearbox expertise from Europe and USA, Chassis frame knowhow from Mexico, and the tried and tested suspension has its origin in USA.

PRIMA TIPPER 3328.K – The PRIMA 3328.K 6×4 Tipper is specially designed with world-class features that ensures maximum power and productivity, matching global standards of excellence. The vehicle is powered by a high-performance Cummins 8.9 liter engine, coupled with proven Eaton 9-speed Manual gearbox that is perfectly suited for all construction applications, regardless of the terrain.

With new-age design, coupled with more utility and optimum performance, Tata Prima enables customers to upgrade to a new world smart truck. Tata Prima is built on a global platform sourcing its driveline aggregates from the best of trucking nations – Engine technology from USA, Gearbox expertise from Europe and USA, Chassis frame knowhow from Mexico, and the tried and tested suspension has its origin in USA.

Prima 6038.S – The Tata Prima has been designed and built keeping all logistics challenges in the mind and ensure to be the smart solution for all the truck needs. The Tata Prima is the perfect vehicle, which embodies the basics of trucking and ensure the convenience of modern day trucking.

Besides focusing on the mechanism of the vehicle, the uniqueness of the Tata Prima is that its cab focuses on Driver comfort. The cockpit of the Tata Prima is both functional and attractive with a separation in terms of working and living areas.

The smartly design dashboard is attractive and can be comfortably accessed by the driver. The Cabin is Air conditioned, with 9 way adjustable seat, arm rest, Tilt able and Telescopic steering system, Music system, with Global Positioning System provision, besides roomie occupant space. A combination of increased productivity and longer life makes the Tata Prima an indispensable asset – be it to large captive user, transporters, contractors or owner drivers.

The Business Utility Vehicle – Tata Ultra
The ULTRA offers faster turnaround time and enhanced profitability for any goods carrying business, making it an ideal work horse for movement of materials across distances.

Ultra Performance: The driveline of Tata ULTRA 814 launched today has Tata’s proven engine technology – TATA NEW GENERATION 3L COMMON RAIL ENGINE Euro 3, with an output of 140 HP, designed to ensure maximum uptime and reducing maintenance costs. A new-generation transmission with aluminium casing – the G-550 six-speed gear-box comes with overdrive, cable-shift mechanism and axle technology and reduced weight, offering superior performance and greater fuel efficiency for varied payloads.

The straight frame modular chassis available in 3920 mm can be customized for multipurpose loads providing you with flexibility for your business and a versatility to adapt to multiple applications. It has a factory fitted heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Ultra Comfort & Style: Besides the mechanics of the vehicle, the uniqueness of the Tata ULTRA is that its cockpit is both functional and attractive. Designed by a leading European design house, Bertone, the walkthrough cabin with a width of 2.2m is best in class offering comfort, safety and style. Three way adjustable mechanically suspended seats enhance driver comfort, the ergonomically designed dash mounted gear lever reduces driver fatigue; panoramic windscreen offers better line of sight and the ample storage space, HVAC and music system are additional features.

The smartly designed instrument cluster offers features like fuel economy indicator, ideal gearshift indicator, water in-Fuel Indicator, etc. The vehicle also offers the provisions for the fitment of various accessories including Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking for tracking the vehicles, etc.

Ultra Safety: The Ultra meets Europe’s top safety norms and is equipped with a full air brake system, ABS and power steering that facilitates improved driver control and precision. The clear lens headlamps, LED integrated tail lamps offer superior visibility. Ultra comes in 3 colours – Arctic White, Arizona Blue and Sardinia Red.

The TATA Ultra 814 is built for Kuwaiti conditions, which means it will surpass user expectations. Exceptional total cost of ownership and running costs, unique styling, best in class comfort and versatility makes Ultra the perfect BUV.