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Thanksgiving Ceremony of Jijau Institution at Anagaon-Bhiwandi

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January 29, 2019

Many revolutionary women gave immense struggle, and sacrifices to the advancement of all the society, to devote their entire life to the country, to give women an important place in society. Among them, Rajmata Jijau Maasaheb, Maharani Tarabai, Ahilyabai Holkar, Krantijyoti Savitribai, Rani Lakshmibai, Ramabai Ambedkar. Many great women like this brought about change, tried to give a new direction to the community.

In today’s world of social, economic, political and in all matters, women are the leader of the great revolutionary world, which was celebrated at Anagav-Bhiwandi, on the occasion of the devoting gratitude to the sacrifice of the Revolutionary women. In this joyous event, all the women’s of Thane-Palghar district gathered, which brought together the highest peak of the crowd and 35 thousand ladies to meet the gratitude.

As the chief guest on this happy occasion, Bhavnadevi Bhagwan Sambare, Sanatkumar Prabhajee, Yajurvendra Mahajan, Dr. Shivaratan Shetty, Nilesh Sambare and other prominent personalities were present. “We are all citizens of this country and we must get all the facilities necessary for education, health, water, roads and employment, women’s empowerment, and the parents of the community should be given honor status, so Jijau Institute will always be in its service, and none brothers and mothers have to sell jewelry or house of your children’s education or health, I will stand firm for my welfare, on behalf of Jijau Sanstha, to my last breath”, Nilesh Sambare expressed this. expressed this occult during the event.

During the Palghar Lok Sabha election, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendrajit Fadnavis had given written assurances of providing for the best cooperation in the Thane-Palghar district, but the Bhiwandi-Wada-Manor, Chinchoti-Kaman road should be inquired into the wrong road and completed it with the right merit, the problem of Kalyan Bypass-Mancoli traffic will be solved and no issues will be faced by the general public, Medical college will be developed in Palghar-Thane district to solve health issues promptly, develop agricultural science center.

Providing jobs to the unemployed youth, solving the problem of water by binding the river, making existing dam water available to farmers for agriculture and drinking, and assured the development of many people, but local politicians did not withstand anything to keep these promises due to dirty politics, “we will build our Thane-Palghar District, without any dependence on our basic questions. We will all come together and resolve the whole world.”. Nilesh Sambare expressed this occult is on this happy occasion

There is a continuous remarkable continuation of women’s strength in different fields. The women who had made remarkable achievements for the development of society were honored to give women the opportunity to empower and salute their duties.