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Thieves Dig Tunnel into Jaipur House, Steal Silver Buried under Basement

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February 27, 2021

In a daring heist, thieves allegedly stole huge quantity of silver kept in a box buried in the basement of a Jaipur house by digging a 20-foot-long and 15-foot-deep tunnel, according to police.

The owner of the house, who is a doctor by profession, has not disclosed the exact quantity of silver.

Police said the accused had purchased a house right behind the doctor”s house for Rs 87 lakh in January and covered its wall with tin sheds to block the view and started the digging work.

The accused dug the tunnel from the newly purchased house and reached the exact location where the box was buried. They cut open the box and stole the silver.

Dr Sunit Soni, who runs a hair transplant clinic, came to know about the theft when he found the flooring of the basement uneven and dug it on Wednesday.

Soni informed police on Wednesday evening.

“Primary investigation indicates the involvement of Dr Soni”s friend who knew about the silver. We have detained him and he is being interrogated. Four more accused are also there in the case,”Ajaypal Lamba, Additional Commissioner of Police said. The prime accused is a bullion trader.

There were three big boxes buried in the basement. Soni informed police that the accused stole silver from one box while the rest were empty. However, he could not give an answer why empty boxes were concealed there.