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This Women’s Day Airtel Honours the Contribution of its Women Distributors

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March 08, 2017

Distributors play a key role in ensuring smooth operations for Bharti Airtel’s vast national retail channel that serves hundreds of millions of customers and keep them connected. Distributors are responsible for taking the products and services of a telecom operators to the market.
Airtel has around 300 women distributors who service close to 40,000 retailers, as a part of its Aairtelnmol Ratna programme. Telecom is a fast paced industry that has traditionally been dominated by male distributors and retailers. These women distributors for Airtel have managed to create their own space and today run successful businesses that are at par or exceed any other top distributor in the country.
Some of these Women Distributors are as young as 19 and some as old 67, with many having been associated with Airtel for over a decade now. Many have come from humble backgrounds and built their businesses against adversities thanks to their hard work and determination, besides some support and encouragement from Airtel.
This Women’s Day, Airtel is recognizing the contribution of its Women distributors with a small token of appreciation. All Women distributors at Airtel will receive a customized gift hamper from Airtel. The gift package will include personalized letter from the Circle CEO, a book – 30 women in power, their voices, their stories, authored by Naina Lal Kidwai, a personal care kit and a compilation of inspiring stories of these women distributors.
In fact, over 10% of Airtel’s distributors are in large cities like Mumbai and far flung regions like the North East are women.
Ajai Puri, Director – Market Operations, Bharti Airtel said, “This is a small gesture from Airtel for all our Women distributors, who are making a very positive contribution to our business. As a company that is committed to gender diversity across its operations, we continuously encourage diversity across employees and our retail network as well.”
Some success stories:
Veenu Arora, New Delhi: Veenu has always strived to do something worthwhile in life and it was her quest to do something different and challenging that landed her the role of a distributor with Airtel. Celebrating her 10th year with Airtel now, Veenu takes pride in having achieved some difficult targets for Airtel in a challenging market like Delhi. She has rare honour of a ‘Platinum’ distributor to her credit for three consecutive quarters.
Sunitha, Andhra Pradesh: Sunitha was just an average 19 year-old when her father passed away. She started working as a sales coordinator/manager for an Airtel retail store, where she learnt the ropes of business. Over the next 10 years, she slowing grew to tackle complex business responsibilities. In 2016, she became a direct Airtel distributor, a move that made her one among 61 women rural entrepreneurs who’ve taken Airtel channels to the very hinterlands of India, defying societal norms and beating all odds.
Tripti Guha, NESA: Faced with her husband’s untimely death, Tripti Guha had no choice but to shoulder her family’s responsibility. She soon secured a job with Airtel as one of its distributors. Having been associated with Airtel for many years now, Tripti has played a vital role in expanding Airtel’s distribution in the circle. She was also honoured with the ‘Best Achiever’ Award for meetings the targets and consistent delivery. In Tripti’s own words – she is competitive & wants to beat her own records.
Priti Boricha, Mumbai: Priti holds a master’s degree fr
om SNDT university and her interest in marketing got her to join Airtel. Priti attributes her success to the exposure she received being a part of Airtel’s distribution network. Customer and crisis management, though challenging, top her areas of interest.
Additionally, Airtel will also be launching a grievance redressal portal exclusively for all the Women Distributors to give them a platform to voice their concerns on any challenges that they are facing in business.